Nethercomm Corporation’s Unveils Innovative Answer to Natural Gas Meter Reading; A Solution which Eliminates the Need for a Local Gas Meter Altogether - Meterless Gas Read

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The gas distribution industry continues to seek out the most advantageous, economical gas meter reading method -- One unique outgrowth of NethercommÂ?s evolving technology base is the ability for Broadband-in-Gas to provide a very accurate means of monitoring natural gas usage by end users; in essence eliminating the traditional need for on-premise meters and their costly reading.

Nethercomm Corporation, the innovator of subterranean broadband communications, is developing a new generation of broadband delivery services by broadcasting radar-like signals wirelessly through the existing metal and plastic natural gas distribution pipelines. Nethercomm is taking broadband to the next level by creating a network backbone across the last-mile of service delivery capable of delivering not only today’s video, phone and internet services via its 10Gbs per subscriber services but enabling this level of connectivity at costs which are lower than the DSL services of today.

By wirelessly broadcasting radar-like signals through the existing metal and plastic natural gas distribution infrastructures, one very unique outgrowth of Nethercomm’s evolving technology base is the ability to not only continually monitor and alarm natural gas providers to tampering or third party damage to their pipelines but also to provide a very accurate means of monitoring natural gas usage by end users; in essence eliminating the traditional need for on-premise meters and their costly reading.

“Utilities need information, particularly usage data to face the challenges of lowering customer costs, monitoring their aging infrastructures, gauging energy usage and supply costs”, said Jim O’Neal, Nethercomm’s Director of Principle Projects. He went on to say “Armed with this new level of information, Natural Gas providers can be much more proactive and better serve their customers in addition to their new significant role as the primary path for the future of broadband delivery unsurpassed today.”

To effectively gather customer usage data, Nethercomm inserts radar-like signals into natural gas pipelines which represent vast amounts of data. These radar-like signals can be inserted at surprisingly high levels of power due to the isolated natural of the private spectrum contained within the gas pipeline and the stable nature of natural gas secured in the pipelines.

Once these radar-like signals are inserted into the gas line, they reflect through a complex path defined by the physical structure of the gas pipeline itself. In this isolated environment, signal processing technology can be used to detect very small changes in the reflected signals which can be mapped into disparities consistent with the use of very precise amounts of natural gas services at a physical location (i.e., turning on the stove). By digitally analyzing changes in the data reflected through the natural gas pipeline, Broadband-in-Gas technology can accurately measure the amounts of natural gas usage, leakage and phenomenology at specific geographic locations. Nethercomm’s broadband communication technology allows natural gas utilization to be precisely measured and examined in real-time resulting in lower costs and greater safety continuously.

Nethercomm’s Broadband-in-Gas technology is increasingly much more than a new primary pathway for tomorrow’s broadband delivery which offers affordability and reliability to all end-users – superseding the inequities that exist in broadband today. Nethercomm is providing new opportunities for Public Utilities Commissions, municipalities and local utility providers to provide their users with affordable broadband video, phone and data services but also increase public safety and lower their own costs by new means of Nethercomm’s Meterless Gas Consumption metrics technology.

Nethercomm Corporation is a private company, based in Southern California developing innovative and proprietary communication technologies for the fast-growing broadband and wireless markets.

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