Harmful Bacteria Lurk on Shopping Cart Handles – Shoppers Beware

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An extremely useful new product, Â?The GermBusterÂ? has just gone into production and is now available for purchase on the Internet.

Mr. Tom DiFrancesca III, an Internet Entrepreneur and published author, having just recently learned that shopping cart handles harbor very harmful bacteria, has just launched a product that will help protect shoppers. “The GermBuster” is made of space age polymer plastic and snaps easily into place. It fully covers the primary handle section of most shopping carts. “The GermBuster” is very easy to use and to reuse; and it can be stored under the seat of any vehicle or in the trunk of an automobile. “The GermBuster” became available online at http://www.thegermbuster.com on June 2, 2005 and its creator predicts high interest and brisk sales for such a useful product.

After reviewing the test results from such organizations as The Center for Disease Control and the Arizona Environmental Research Laboratory; and from colleges such as the University of Maryland, University of Arizona, and the University of Wisconsin; Mr. DiFrancesca felt it was imperative that a product be developed quickly. “I searched the Internet and was unable to find anyone offering a product that protected shoppers from the nasty germs that can be found on shopping cart handles, I was surprised.”

With just a little bit of research, Mr. DiFrancesca quickly learned that not only are germs spread to the handles by other’s hands, but by the drippings from egg and meat packaging. “Salmonella is one of the most prevalently detected forms of bacteria found on the handles.” stated Mr. DiFrancesca. He also learned that one in five carts test positive for the presence of bodily fluids such as blood, mucus, saliva, and urine. Mr. DiFrancesca states that “Most folks don’t normally wash their hands prior to shopping; store personnel do not normally wipe down shopping cart handles; and the carts are handled by hundreds of different individuals every day. All of those factors contribute to the existence of dangerous germs and bacteria on shopping cart handles.”

“We must protect ourselves but if not, we must make sure that babies, small children, the elderly, and those with immune deficiencies are protected at the very least.” stated Mr. DiFrancesca. “We’ve made the price very, very affordable for everyone and we provide free shipping on all North American orders. We are also providing two units for the price of one so that the second unit can be given away as a gift, or set aside as a back-up.” Mr. DiFrancesca also wants shoppers to fully understand that besides salmonella, there are at least a dozen other forms of bacteria that could be found on shopping cart handles at any given time including E.coli, staphylococcus, streptococcus, and hepatitis B.

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