Ex-Trumpet Player Hits High Note with "IT Factor" Scales New Heights as Six Figure Income Coach on WWW

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Clyde Batton of Chicago, IL makes immediately available his "IT FACTOR" coaching series and "Automated Name Branding" style of marketing to entrepreneurs seeking to achieve "Internet SuperStar Status" with 6-Figure Incomes.

Discover the secrets of Clyde Batton’s miracle “IT Factor”. How this former R&B trumpet player first observed this elusive almost magical ingredient while performing onstage with R&B Super Stars, Tyrone Davis and BB King. Years later as a music arranger/producer, C. Batton sought out and found that same mystical “IT Factor” to be the essential ingredient required for successful album releases by Ramsey Lewis Jr. and Chuck Mangione; not to mention countless TV & Radio commercials indelibly stamped with the “It Factor” by the likes of James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Richie Havens and groups like The Barrett Sisters, Take Six and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Batton says.. ”The “IT Factor” is that one essential ingredient which is absolutely necessary for achieving SuperStar Status in any profession”…..

”Without “IT” me and Lucille just wouldn’t have anything to say..’sides folks wouldn’t come out and listen to us if we did”…..Riley “BB” King (blues recording artist)

“Clyde… I knew I had “IT” with “Baby Can I Change My Mind” in 1966. From then on I knew I was a Star and nobody could touch me”….Tyrone Davis (R&B recording artist)

With just two seconds left on the shot clock and three points needed to win the game; Michael Jordan is quoted as saying.. “I had faith, I knew I had “IT”, I knew the ball would go in”…….

“You’ll never sell anything in this world unless you first sell yourself”…Napoleon Hill

As an entrepreneur when Batton first heard these words on an old recording of Napoleon Hill; he first realized that Hill was referring to his “IT” factor and secondly came to know that the “IT” factor was something that could be taught and developed in others; that anyone who really wanted to could develop their own “IT” factor capabilities and achieve SuperStar Status in their business of choice on the Internet. “IT” was all just a matter of focus, but a vehicle for that experience of Marketing Success was still needed. That vehicle for success was discovered when Clyde was introduced to Joseph Parton’s, MySuccessUniversity by a fellow entrepreneur.

Through many frustrating experiences in marketing, Clyde had realized that their were three major problems which had to be solved before he could successfully implement his own special method of Success Coaching and developing Internet SuperStars:

1. A simple and replicable system which addressed the primary problem of marketing on the Internet; how to get your Product or Service in front of the right prospects. Marketing on the Net to be successful, must be on a massive scale in its exposure in order to be effective. The system must provide millions of contacts.

2. Identify and Call to Action the Target Market sorting is required to accomplish this and prospecting at the level of millions of people is just not humanly possible.

Those relentless souls who have in the past reached the six and seven figure income levels of marketing success literally paid with their lives by “dialing for dollars” six and seven days a week for twelve and fourteen hours a day. Not exactly an experience of Time Freedom, not to mention paying out thousands of dollars to lead generation companies out to make a fast buck by selling database information. Success must necessarily include autonomy and “know-how” with respect to lead generation. Buying leads amounts to “entrepreneurial suicide”.

3. An ongoing system of support and training which allows for rapid development and growth of those newcomers to the system and a way of staying on the “cutting edge” of the technology. The Internet is the “Goldrush of the twenty-first century” says Batton and agrees with Bill Gates of MicroSoft who says in Business At The Speed Of Thought…”only managers who master the Digital Universe will gain competitive advantage”.

As to successfully merging and applying the MySuccessUniversity marketing systems along with Clyde’s Million Dollar Mindset Coaching; Joseph Parton, MSU’s founder had this to say….”Clyde Batton—The MSU SuperStar, my No. 1 protégé is one awesome individual. He has replicated my success because he’s a great student, and if you’re a great student then you’ll become a great teacher and that is what Clyde has done.”

As the “IT” Factor grows in popularity, dozens of struggling entrepreneurs are finding their way to this veritable “oasis of sanity” out of the despair and failure of the desert of Cyberspace on the World Wide Web. Batton holds out a promise of success to all who are willing to discover through his mentorship, their own SuperStar Persona.

Clyde Batton truly believes that we all are SuperStars in our own right and that each of us has a story worth telling. The only adjustment that is ever required in his view, is one of focus which comes about through applying the “IT” Factor ” and implementing the Push Button Marketing Systems, Automated Name Branding and Portfolio Marketing techniques he teaches as a primary exponent of MySuccessUniversity.

“What I market on the Internet are “Million Dollar Personalities” and not products, he says; going on to invite all coachable leaders and people of action to join him in his pursuit of excellence and “Internet Superstar 7 Figure Status”.

Clyde Batton and MySuccessUniversity are accessible through his own Automated Name Branding website http://www.whoisclydebatton.com

Contact Information:

Clyde Batton—The MSU SuperStar

312.787.5666 (music/film production office)

312.787.5665 On Eagle’s Wings


1156 n Dearborn Suite 308

Chicago, Il. 60610

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