Thinderella Doctor Says Take the Path of The Cinderella Man

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There are no magic potions or fairytales to save you from your dieting dilemma. Instead, have realistic goals and go for the basic lifestyle changes for permanent weight loss.

Does one fight for glory, vanity, and fame or for survival, love of one’s family, and belief in principle? In the movie “The Cinderella Man” Jim Braddock failed initially because his goals were false. He desired glory and fame but there was no other purpose. Only after falling down to the lowest point in his life, did he realize what life’s fight is all about- family, hope- the basic essentials in life.

It is remarkable how this parallels the lifestyles of people today when it comes to losing weight and being healthy. Dr. Dennis Gage, M.D. “The Thinderella Doctor,” Endocrinologist, Researcher, Obesity Expert, Author of "The Thinderella Syndrome: A Practical Guide to Individualized Permanent Weight Loss" describes the same scenario in people who lose weight. Those who have misconceptions and believe in vanity, magic, and fairytales diet and then fail. They go up and down and have the “Yo-Yo Syndrome.” People who realize that it is life’s survival to be able to work and earn a living for their family without being disabled; this is the true “wake up” call for a person to lose weight permanently. Dr. Gage says that people must defend their weight by practicing his “Defensive Eating Techniques.” The road to reality can be rocky but let’s face it, you don’t want to be “Thinderella for a day” but rather “Cinderella for a lifetime.”

Dr. Gage lists some of his “Defensive eating techniques”:

• Do a daily food record at the time of eating

• Slowing Down Technique- Eat slowly, take smaller bites, and drink sips of water.

• Place of Eating- Only eat at the table and not in bed.

• If you want to enjoy eating on the weekend or at parties, “bank calories” by eating fewer calories during the week and saving it for the weekend.

• Visual Cues- Eat with moderation on small plates that are served in the classic “European style”.

• Be assertive when eating out. Ask the waiter to bring the salad and not the bread basket.

Dr. Dennis Gage is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, and Metabolism. He is a Clinical Attending at Lenox Hill Hospital and Beth Israel Medical Center. Dr. Gage is a Clinical Instructor of Medicine at NYU. He is the Director of The Thinderella Lifestyle Change Program- a turn-key weight management program in NYC.


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