Opens Its Doors and Reviews the Top Free and Paid Opportunities on the Internet

Share Article is a free consumer resource that has been live since April 2005 and has already received more than 35,000 visitors. It is dedicated to helping investors, opportunity seekers and online marketers to make the right decisions about both free and paid opportunities on the internet.

People worldwide have been flocking online to visit 'Make Serious Money On The Internet.' Indeed, in the month since its doors were opened to the public at the end of April 2005, has been viewed by more than 35,000 visitors, all seeking home business advice. So why has this site attracted so much attention in such a short period of time? Simply put, is a completely free resource, created by the team at Godfrey Aeon Investing, with the far reaching goal of helping as many people as possible to make a successful living on the internet. In today’s economic climate, is it any wonder that so many people are seeking some sort of lifeline to drag themselves out of their financial quagmire?

It has been estimated that, worldwide, 40 million people this year will attempt to start up their own internet based business from home. Unfortunately, with all of the scams prevalent in the modern world and other poor choices made by inexperienced investors, financial experts worldwide predict that less than one in 20 will recoup their investment and only 230,000 of them, or about one in every 174 people, will actually be able to make a sufficient income to make a successful living online! According to Malachy Godfrey, creator of 'Make Serious Money On The Internet' and owner of Godfrey Aeon Investing, was created with the goal to even those odds.

"I've been marketing on the internet for a while now and wasted thousands of dollars before becoming successful. I've been unemployed and I know how bad the job market is these days from personal experience. I just decided that, no matter what it took, I would have to 'pull myself up by my own bootstraps' and make it for myself since no employer was going to," stated Godfrey.

"I got to thinking that, if I knew then what I know now, I could have avoided a lot of the pitfalls," he continued. "I almost failed on many occasions because there was nobody out there to help me. Luckily, I'm a stubborn bas*@#*d! Having made myself pretty comfortable now, I decided to offer advice for free in the form of a website which we could quickly update to make sure that everybody out there had free access to the most current information. Of course, I didn't expect my little pet project to turn into an almost full time venture with all of the visitors coming so quickly! It looks like I’m going to have to buy some more bandwidth! It feels pretty good, though, to know that I am reaching so many people, particularly since I've done virtually no advertising of the site yet!"

When asked how the public could be sure that everything on the website actually worked, Godfrey smiled and responded, "All these programs have worked for me, haven't they? Seriously though, our team has already removed a few items from 'Make Serious Money On The Internet' that weren't making much money any more and added a couple of new items that are making money now. I've made a commitment to keep everything up to date so the average person can truly make themselves a reliable income if they follow our advice. I can't guarantee that every program will work out for every person but from the 100 or so programs our team currently manages and earns a good income from, I strongly feel that the ones we have listed on this site are the simplest. Diversity is the key to hedging your bets against the odd program going bad. Certainly, 95% of the people out there should be able to follow our simple advice by picking a few of our suggestions to work with and using them to ... make serious money on the internet! Sorry, I had to drop that pun!"

The largest section of the site, by far, is devoted to advertising. When asked about this, Godfrey said, "Many people out there will claim that this program or that program will make money for you without you having to do any work. That's mostly bulls@#t! Sure, there are exceptions where you pay somebody to manage your money for you but, as a general rule, if you don't advertise then you don't earn any money! It's as simple as that! That's why we thought it was pretty important to make sure that we included a lot of the great advertising resources out there that we use ourselves. More so than anything else, there are a lot of crooks out there who will tell you all sorts of crap...excuse me...all sorts of lies about how they will advertise for you but then they end up only taking your money. In fact, if you can write a good ad, and post it in the right place, you can work with almost any program out there. The reason that we chose to list the programs that we do is that these programs already come with a great deal of the advertising planned out for you. Thus, they're a little easier to earn money with if you've never written an ad copy before. Everybody in this business eventually has to get good at ad writing though or somebody else will write a better one and take all of your customers and business!"

It is clear that a great deal of thought has been put into by the team at Godfrey Aeon Investing. The site is, for the most part, laid out concisely and is easy to navigate with obvious headings such as 'Merchant Accounts,' 'Great Opportunities That Cost Nothing,' 'Great Low Priced Programs' and 'Advertising Resources.' credibly offers advice for people with no spare money at one end of the spectrum to people with thousands of dollars to invest at the other. Many of the programs listed are completely free to take part in such as free internet marketing and downline building clubs, free access to internet store fronts or programs which pay their members to read e-mails that have been surrounded with advertisements. The majority of the programs listed on are around $30 to get involved in. This is still an almost insignificant investment compared to getting the average business running in the real world, rather than the virtual one. Finally, there are several High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) listed that require a much larger investment but have been averaging a documented return on the investment of 2-3% per day. This means that a $1000 investment today will be likely worth a little more than $183,000 if it is left untouched for a year! Who knows, if journalism loses its appeal, an online career might be in order.

For additional information, visit or send an e-mail directly to godfreyaeon(at), replacing (at) with the ‘@’ symbol, along with 'MSMOTI' in the subject line. is owned and operated by Godfrey Aeon Investing, based near Traverse City, in the scenic Northern Michigan countryside.


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