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Strategic Payments, Inc. (StratocashÂ?) and Internet Payment Solutions, Inc. (PayByCashÂ?) of Charlottesville, VA., announced today the launch of (

Strategic Payments, Inc. (Stratocash™) and Internet Payment Solutions, Inc. (PayByCash™) of Charlottesville, VA., announced today the launch of ( Stratocash will leverage the proven PayByCash payment processing platform to enable Web merchants to extend an unmatched number of non-credit card payment options to their customers.

According to Kevin Higgins, Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Payments, Inc., “Stratocash is the easiest and most cost effective way for merchants to become more accessible to consumers who can’t or won’t use a credit card online, consumers seeking more privacy than credit card transactions provide, and consumers in countries where credit card usage is not ubiquitous.

“The combination of our simple adoption, no merchant transaction fees, and protection from customer reversals makes Stratocash the 'free incremental revenue' company.”

Secure, Accessible, Affordable Alternate Payment Acceptance

Stratocash’s decision not to charge merchants transaction fees removes one of the biggest barriers merchants encounter when trying to reach unbanked, credit-constrained, or privacy-concerned consumers: The total costs of accepting most non-credit-card payment options are greater than credit card transactions, cutting merchant margins to the point where acceptance becomes unattractive, despite high consumer demand.

“Stratocash acceptance is a business decision that brings immediate return on investment,” states Higgins. “Stratocash’s simple integration ensures merchants can easily and immediately realize the additional revenues such acceptance brings.”

Merchant Benefits

Unlike payments Web content providers receive via credit cards or other alternate payment processing services, Stratocash can provide merchants with guaranteed payments—eliminating merchant risk of consumer payment fraud.

This is a huge boon to merchants delivering quality, legitimate content or services in industries historically plagued by high levels of payment fraud and largely unprotected by credit card companies, whose policies often seem more oriented toward merchants shipping physical goods.

Says Higgins, “We classify the payment methods we accept based on merchant risk level and then give our merchant clients complete control over the level of risk they’re willing to accept.” Since Stratocash allows merchants to choose which payment options are extended to their customers, the merchant decides whether they want Stratocash to accept only guaranteed (“As good as cash”) payment methods, and/or very low-risk payment methods, and/or more conventional transaction systems that, like credit cards or PayPal, can be reversed by consumers.

This level of control is especially valuable to Web merchants in industries that are poorly serviced by payment processing services whose policies leave digital content providers without the ability to successfully contest fraudulent chargebacks.

More impressively, Stratocash’s services take this merchant protection one step further: Where many credit card processors and other alternate payment processors levy a chargeback fee against merchants even if the merchant manages to successfully contest the chargeback, Stratocash charges no reversal fees to merchants.

In Kevin Higgins’ words: “Web merchants often pay fees on consumer-reversed transactions, even when the reversal is fraudulent. Merchants deserve fairer treatment from their payment processors, so Stratocash delivers. We work actively to protect merchants from fraud and, if we fail, we share in the loss by absorbing the reversal expenses associated with that transaction. Compare Stratocash to other processing services that charge merchants a chargeback/reversal fee, even when the merchant is proven in the right and contests the chargeback successfully!”

There’s another benefit in that the number of alternate payment options Stratocash accepts is constantly growing. Each new payment option Stratocash adds automatically extends their merchant clients’ penetration into new consumer markets without any additional effort on the part of the merchant.

About Strategic Payments, Inc.:

Strategic Payments, Inc., as a licensee of the proven PayByCash™ payment processing platform, leverages the technology and staff expertise developed by Internet Payment Solutions, which has been delivering quality, personalized, payment processing services for over seven years. Strategic Payments’ “Stratocash” service is accessible to Web merchants and content providers in virtually all industries and is specifically oriented toward strengthening revenue streams for:

•Merchants in industries not well serviced by credit card services, and

•Web merchants who are seeking better penetration into the European and Asian markets where credit cards are not used as widely online, and

•Web merchants looking for an uncomplicated way to acquire the 3-10% increase in sales that acceptance of non-credit-card payments often brings.

For more information about Stratocash, please visit or contact Kevin Higgins directly at khiggins

About Internet Payment Solutions, Inc.:

Through their “PayByCash™” service, Internet Payment Solutions, Inc. connects merchants who want to reach a global consumer with those customers who want or need the ability to pay for goods or services without a credit card. Customers can choose from more than twenty comfortable and convenient, online and offline payment options. Simple instructions and responsive customer care ensure customers have no problem remitting payments.

Since 1998, PayByCash has been the predominant alternate payment options provider for the online, multiplayer adventure game industry. PayByCash supports both subscription-based and digital objects merchants.

Internet Payment Solutions also handles credit card processing for content providers under their SaberCharge™ brand, making them a one-stop solution for the broadest range of payment options.

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