Supreme Joy Distributors Launches Neera Super Cleanse Fasting Diet

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Neera Super Cleanse is a natural cleansing diet that combats the effects of toxic lifestyles, safely alleviating toxicity and excess weight.

Supreme Joy Distributors announces the launch of the Neera Super Cleanse fasting diet. The Neera Super Cleanse works to alleviate toxicity and excess weight by stimulating the body's cleansing process while satisfying hunger by replacing solid food with pure, nutritious liquid food.

Toxicity is thought to be the major source of all illness, according to homeopathic, naturopathic, ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine. In the West, mainstream health practitioners are beginning to realize that toxic lifestyles pose a significant threat to our health.

"Toxicity and obesity are fast becoming leading health problems in America," said Chitvan Rebich, president of Neera Super Cleanse. "The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently warned that health issues related to obesity could soon surpass Tobacco as the #1 preventable killer in America. Occasional fasting, a thousands-year-old practice, with its dual benefits of safe weight loss and detoxification is becoming more and more accepted as an effective medical and diet treatment. Recent studies at UC Berkeley and other universities show that mice, which were made to fast every other day, lived up to 50 percent longer than other non-fasting mice and had a greatly decreased risk of cancer."

What is toxicity? Basically, anything we take into our bodies that is not eliminated or assimilated becomes toxic. Toxicity has been linked to being overweight because the foods consumed that lead to obesity generally are comprised of foods that cause toxins to build up in the body. In fact any excessive diet will create too much of a burden on the body, which creates toxins. In addition, excess toxins can lead to minor ailments and even more serious illness. Some symptoms of toxicity include fatigue, irritability, nervousness, poor digestion, headaches, edginess, sore throat, congestion, frequent colds, coughs, immune weakness, insomnia, feeling lethargic and skin rashes. A diet high in saturated fats, excess proteins, refined and processed foods, drugs and artificial additives usually leads to toxicity and obesity.

Toxicity is not solely caused by the things we ingest; the environment also plays a role. Numerous chemicals and toxins have been introduced into the natural environment, which can find their way into our bodies through air, water and processed foods.

What can be done about it? The Neera Super Cleanse works to alleviate toxicity and excess weight. The Neera Super Cleanse is a fasting diet that stimulates the body's cleansing process, while satisfying hunger by replacing solid food with pure, nutritious liquid food.

During a fast, the digestive and eliminative organs of the body are able to rest and focus on internal cleansing. The body also gets a chance to remove accumulated toxic substances and break down damaged, diseased and unneeded cells. Studies have shown that during a fast the primary cleansing organs of the body, the liver and kidneys, become more active.

The Neera Super Cleanse is not a traditional fast. It was invented to stimulate the body's natural cleansing ability while offering liquid nourishment to keep us from feeling hungry and to give us energy during the cleansing process.

About Neera Super Cleanse

The Neera Super Cleanse is a fasting diet where solid foods are replaced with the pure and nutritious Neera Drink. The special ingredients invigorate the body's cleansing process, eliminating excess fats, wastes and accumulated toxins, while satisfying hunger, giving the body a break from the work of digesting solid food and allowing it to focus on cleansing. Also, most people really like the added benefit of losing excess weight. During the program the body moves towards its optimal weight as it detoxifies and eliminates toxins.

For more information about the Neera Super Cleanse please contact Chitvan Rebich of SJ Distributors at (415) 552-8245, email: or visit

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