Golf Sandals Make a Great Father's Day Gift -- But Dad Needs to Make Sure His Feet Look Good

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Golf sandals offer an alternative that looks great, but also incorporates technology that makes feet feel good, helping performance. However, men aren't going to be comfortable wearing golf sandals if they have yellow, thick toenails or rough, dry feet.

Sandals are now a staple wardrobe item for men who want to be stylish, but comfortable -- even on the golf course. Especially for the hard-to-fit, new sandal styles offer a more comfortable alternative to conventional golf shoes. Golf pros who have picked up on this fast-growing trend in golf footwear include Mike McCullough and Howard Twitty, and amateur golfers are enthusiastically buying them as well. A wide range of styles, colors and patterns are available from manufacturers like Bite Footwear, Dexter, Nike and Footjoy.

C. J. Buck is an expert on issues related to feet. CEO of Xenna Corporation, which distributes foot care products, Buck says, "Many of the golfers who are fans of the sandal-style shoes are those with sensitive feet, or who have trouble finding comfortable golf shoes because their feet are wide. Golf sandals offer an alternative that looks great, but also incorporates technology that makes feet feel good, helping performance." Buck adds, "However, men aren't going to be comfortable wearing golf sandals if they have yellow, thick toenails or rough, flaky skin on their feet."

Xenna distributes patented NonyX® Nail Gel, which was developed to provide a solution to the problem of yellow, dark or discolored nails. Buck says, "NonyX Gel is a topical, easy-to-use gel that breaks down and removes keratin debris -- the discolored, yellow or thick granular buildup under nails which is the actual source of nail discoloration. It softens keratin debris using natural ethanoic acid, and permits it to be scraped out from under the nail after about four weeks. Once keratin debris is removed, NonyX Gel keeps nails looking clear and attractive with regular use."

A recent clinical study confirmed NonyX Nail Gel significantly improves toenail color and clarity by exfoliating yellowing keratin debris from under the nail. To view a recent TV news release on use of NonyX Gel featuring podiatrist Dr. Bret Ribotsky's comments, go to

Jack Morgan, a Monterey Park, California podiatrist, says, "I've had male patients who didn't even want to take their socks off at night. In some cases, their wives told them not to, because they didn't want to be scratched by their husband's thick toenails. NonyX Gel works very well as a cleanser of keratin debris."

Dry, cracked heels are another source of embarrassment which could keep men from being comfortable with baring their feet on the golf course. Xenna's acid-free CalleX® Dry Heel Ointment uses natural, fast-acting enzymes to exfoliate, thin and soften thick, flaky areas as it moisturizes dry, cracked heels. According to podiatrist David Tsui, "CalleX Ointment works very well. I have used it on my patients and on myself. You see a real difference in one week." A gentle rubbing action with a wet, soapy washcloth is sufficient to gradually exfoliate thickened skin areas on feet.

Dr. Morgan adds, "If you wear 'open' shoes, you must take care of your skin, since you greatly increase the chances of it becoming dry, flaking or cracked. Among the many products for dry feet, only CalleX Ointment contains natural enzymes, which have proven to be remarkably effective." Both NonyX Nail Gel and CalleX Dry Heel Ointment are diabetic-friendly.

Buck says, "Men have become increasingly concerned about their appearance, including their feet. Many are so embarrassed about how their feet look, they avoid shoe styles like sandals and flip-flops, and even pass up trips to the beach or pool. Xenna offers solutions to men who'd like to try golf sandals, but are embarrassed to expose their feet."

NonyX Nail Gel can be purchased in the footcare section of Walgreens, Rite Aid, Longs, Drug Emporium, Brooks and most Medicine Shoppe drugstores. You'll also find it at HEB and Brookshire grocery stores, through podiatric physicians, independent pharmacies and online at and CalleX Dry Heel Ointment is now available in the footcare section at Longs Drugs, from podiatric physicians and online at and To order NonyX Nail Gel or CalleX Ointment online, find a store near you or to view clinical photos, click on

Xenna Corporation is a privately-held company which develops and distributes natural personal care products for skin, hair and nails.

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