U4EA Technologies Launches VoiceQoS™ Embedded Software

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Provides QoS Management and Dynamic Resource Allocation Specifically for VoIP with Data on Multi-Service Networks

U4EA Technologies, the leading multi-service network embedded software provider, expanded its industry leadership today with the launch of its new VoiceQoS™ embedded software that enables network equipment vendors to deliver advanced network edge and access devices for converged networks. U4EA’s VoiceQoS provides integrated quality of service (QoS) management and dynamic resource allocation for voice over IP (VoIP) with data on multi-service networks.

VoIP, an application highly sensitive to interference from other applications, needs advanced QoS control to assure reliable performance, regardless of network conditions. VoiceQoS is a complete solution for quality of service control in VoIP deployments. By automating QoS for VoIP, the key application for convergence, U4EA’s solution allows network equipment vendors to offer integrated equipment that enables their customers to efficiently and profitably provision multi-service networks.

“Our advanced QoS technology gives OEMs like Ericsson a competitive advantage as service providers continue toward VoIP-enabled multi-service networks. We are focused on delivering our market-ready QoS technology with a short-integration cycle, letting network equipment vendors quickly improve capability and increase reliability and flexibility in their access devices,” said Columb Harrington, chief executive officer of U4EA Technologies Limited. “As carriers and service providers offer converged applications like VoIP, video and data through a single network pipe, the ability to automatically guarantee QoS grows significantly in importance.”

Allowing dynamic and automated configuration of quality of service on VoIP calls, VoiceQoS was designed for networks deploying VoIP along with other real-time applications such as interactive video and mission-critical data traffic. The embedded software provides a simple and effective means of dynamically sharing limited bandwidth and guaranteeing QoS levels while efficiently utilizing the link. Unlike other solutions, VoiceQoS enables a network operator to specify simple VoIP policies, without having to know in advance what IP traffic will arrive or what codecs are in use.

Conventional approaches for VoIP often involve large amounts of static bandwidth allocation, resulting in a waste of valuable network resources. With VoiceQoS, the specific resource allocation for each traffic flow is handled automatically and intelligently – with automatic provisioning and priority given to VoIP traffic so that call reliability is ensured.

U4EA’s VoiceQoS provides the ability to easily manage and control the volume of high-quality VoIP calls. Operators can control the numbers of calls for specific individuals or groups on the network at any one time, and guarantee emergency calls. Real-time statistics provide comprehensive quality information on both voice and data traffic for given policies.

VoiceQoS is easily ported to any common platform, making it simple to upgrade existing network equipment to incorporate QoS features and VoIP support. U4EA’s embeddable software can be integrated with a software-based network device via a simple operating system (OS)-specific layer. Being protocol independent, VoiceQoS can integrate with any specific protocol (e.g. SIP, H.323, MGCP) at any position in the network and works with either a VoIP proxy or classifier.

VoiceQoS is based on U4EA’s GoS (Guarantee of Service) software – a compact, versatile and portable quality of service technology. GoS is a state-of-the-art, quality of service solution that represents a fundamental and proven advance on traditional mechanisms such as LLQ and WRED, among others.

GoS permits the independent control of loss and delay. In GoS, queuing mechanisms are automatically composed in a modular architecture, ensuring it is flexible enough to be applied in different packet handling systems. Because GoS is also uniquely able to provide predictions of application performance – users are assured of the future QoS delivered to their critical traffic, regardless of the behavior of other packet streams. This makes it the optimal choice for QoS management in converged network equipment that needs to effectively handle a mix of real-time, business-critical and best-effort traffic.

U4EA’s carrier-class QoS solutions have been integrated into networking equipment such as IADs, load-balancers and access routers from companies that include Ericsson, among others.

About U4EA Technologies

U4EA Technologies provides embeddable carrier-class QoS software packages and SIP components for multi-service network equipment vendors. By integrating U4EA’s software, manufacturers of edge and access devices can deliver new or upgraded equipment that is ready for multi-service networks, with a shorter time-to-market. In partnership with organizations such as Analog Devices Inc. and Ericsson AB, U4EA has brought its advanced technology to market. The hardened solutions have been carrier tested and enable reliable delivery of real-time, multimedia and mission-critical services. Headquartered in Bristol, UK, the company has additional development facilities and sales support offices in Sophia Antipolis in France and Fremont, CA. For more information, please visit http://www.u4eatech.com.

VoiceQoS, the U4EA logo, GoS and combinations thereof are trademarks of U4EA Technologies Limited. All other brand and product names are used for identification only and are owned by their respective holders.

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