Boys of Summer Indulge in Sun, Surf and Steroid Abues

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Healthy fitness guru urges "hard gainers" to become hard bodies with a safe program to lose fat and gain mass with exercise, diet, and supplements

With the Memorial Day weekend over, the summer season is "officially" here. Unfortunately, according to fitness guru and muscle gain expert Anthony Ellis, "It's also the official start of a new season of steroid abuse." Ellis is referring to the hundreds and thousands of weight-challenged men who he fears will try and pump up fast for beach season.

The unhealthy quest for a healthy-looking body isn't limited to men, Ellis acknowledges, noting "a heavy reliance on crash diets" instead of a year-round regimen of good food and exercise." But his greater concern at this time is "the men, especially the young men, who want to look big and buff in a matter of weeks and will be abusing steroids as a way to achieve the body they want."

I'm Not Hooked

According to Dr. David Marshall of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, young men take steroids for a month or two, thinking they can reduce the risk and counteract the side-effects. Boys who are trying to look good see changes in their bodies, but they also develop acne, lose their hair and suffer from breast enlargement, she reports. "So they go off the steroids until those side-effects disappear, but then they start using again," says Ellis.

Steroid users became victims of what some call "bigorexia." Like anorexia, it revolves around a distorted body image. When users are off the drug, they perceive their bodies as "withering away" says Ellis. "They think that they look terrible…which, of course, isn't true." So, as their bodies return to pre-steroid proportions, "abusers become obsessed with literally regaining what they've lost," he explains.

So begins a on-again/off-again cycle that doesn't seem like addiction, but is. "And it's deadly," Ellis says emphatically. "Young men will be 'dying to look good' this summer, and that's a tragedy."

Who is Anthony Ellis?

A self-proclaimed "average guy" who was "fed up with being a 135-pound weakling getting sand kicked in my face," Ellis was able to achieve a miraculous transformation of his own body…without steroids. Instead of taking the easy road and succumbing to the lure of the "magic pill," Ellis studied, did research, tested and re-tested, and ultimately created a system that worked for him…and now works for others.

The culmination of his comprehensive study is Gaining Mass!, a program of all-natural, muscle-gaining techniques and strategies exclusively for people who have trouble with weight gain.

At the core of the program he created, Ellis says weight-challenged individuals can find "sane, rational, total-health-oriented ideas" on how to structure a diet to keep fat gain to an absolute minimum. He offers insights on what nutritional supplements actually work for gaining mass, and even the best time to eat to increase muscle and minimize fat gain. Gaining Mass! also addresses the best way to train and which exercises to avoid when training.

And for busy people who say, "I don't have time," Ellis offers a way to structure a training routine that can reduce gym time and increase results. His "mission," as he likes to call it is to "make hard-gainers into hard-bodies who can keep it up -- their weight, I mean -- and do it safely, for life!"

Media and Weight Gain

Ellis notes that "the media is saturated with weight-loss news and information," but laments the lack of solid information for people on the other side of the spectrum. And while there will be "plenty of coverage on how sunburns can contribute to cancer, you're not going to hear a lot about the unhealthy things people are doing to gain weight."

Ellis believes this "media bias" makes hard-gainers feel "marginalized…as though there's nothing out there for them." It's this marginalization, Ellis says, that can be a key factor in pushing people to search for "black market solutions" to their problems.

"I want to help young men…and everyone else…who might be struggling the way I was achieve the same results that I have without putting their lives at risk," Ellis explains. "I want them to know they're not alone in their struggle and they won't have to struggle forever. I gained 32 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks, I reduced my body fat by 3% (from 10% to 7%), and I did it naturally," he says with undisguised pride.

Ellis notes that his is not the only success story owed to the Gaining Mass! system he developed. "There are more than 70,000 healthy fitness fans in 100 countries worldwide that have changed their bodies and their lives with Gaining Mass!" he reports. "And I'm sharing the good news with as many people as I can."

Ellis has created an eye-opening 5-part report on healthy muscle gain to help educate consumers…especially the "boys of summer." "Learn What You must Know to Build Muscle and Gain Weight Fast!" is a free instant download available only at:

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