Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Embraces the Spanish-speaking Market

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Because of growing demand, Technology Evaluation Centers, Inc. (TEC) has launched its on-line services in Spanish. TEC, a global enterprise software analyst firm, recently launched its on-line ERP, SCM, Financials, and Human Resources Evaluation Centers in Spanish to serve Latin America and Spain more effectively.

Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC), a global enterprise software analyst firm, recently launched its on-line ERP, SCM, Financials, and Human Resources Evaluation Centers in Spanish to serve Latin America and Spain more effectively. These evaluation centers help project managers, consultants, and decision makers compare and qualify the most appropriate systems based on their own unique priorities.

"TEC is the only global technology company of its type," said Barry Melsom, Vice President – Global Marketing and Sales. "Spanish is the first of many different versions of TEC to adequately penetrate local market requirements and more than adequately fulfill local needs."

TEC's service in Spanish started in March 2005, and since then, it has helped over 3,600 evaluations through our ERP, SCM, Financials, and Human Resources evaluation centers. It also provides Spanish-speaking professionals with the latest news through a daily newsletter, which has experienced a 120 percent weekly growth in readership since March 1st. This indicates that TEC's content and services have been very well received, filling a void in the Spanish-speaking market for impartial enterprise software expertise.

According to IDC, in 2004 companies invested $26.4 billion (USD) in IT in Latin America, and the software segment exceeded $4.1 billion (USD) that same year. Moreover, they are expecting a growth of over 10 percent.

TEC developed the unique concept of evaluation centers, which offers comprehensive knowledge to help managers, consultants, and decision makers reduce the risk, cost, and time related to enterprise software selections through a detailed and complete evaluation.

Each evaluation center has a knowledge base associated with it, containing detailed information on software applications. Application manufacturers and vendors fill out a complete RFI including thousands of criteria. This information is vetted by experienced IT analysts before it is listed in the appropriate evaluation center. End users then use these knowledge bases to specify and prioritize their technical and functional requirements. TEC's patented algorithm and analysis engine for its evaluation centers, eBestMatch™, identifies the applications and vendors that best match end users'needs.

TEC also offers material to support its evaluation centers, such as RFP templates, white papers, an IT vendor directory, a consultant directory, vendor and application reports, articles, and a free daily newsletter in Spanish and English, which contains relevant information on the IT world and its impact on organizations.

About the ERP Evaluation Center

The ERP Evaluation Center ( features research on more than 200 ERP applications that enable the integration of business processes in over twenty functional areas, from transport management, sales force automation, product lifecycle management, to business intelligence.

About the HR Evaluation Center

The HR Evaluation Center ( allows users to evaluate forty-eight applications, covering seven functional areas, from personnel management to performance analysis.

About the SCM Evaluation Center

The SCM Evaluation Center ( allows users to evaluate over 200 supply chain management (SCM) applications, covering six functional areas such as demand management and transportation management systems, among others.

About the Financials Evaluation Center

The Financials Evaluation Center ( allows users to evaluate over fifty financial management applications, covering ten functional areas, from general ledger to project accounting.

Currently, and as part of an effort to expand its services in Latin America, TEC has established partnerships with the following digital media to advertise its evaluation centers on a regional basis:

1. InfoChannel in Mexico, to advertise ERP

2. Tecnología Empresarial in Mexico, to advertise ERP

3. in Venezuela, to advertise ERP

4. Transporte Siglo XXI in Mexico, to advertise SCM

5. LearningReview in Argentina, to advertise HR

In the near future, TEC will continue with this strategy to penetrate the Spanish-speaking market, establishing new partnerships with organizations and digital media publishers and incorporating local applications in its evaluation centers.

About Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC)

Since 1993, TEC has been developing sophisticated decision support software, enabling users to evaluate and select enterprise software technology, which is best tailored to their needs. For more information, see the company's web site in Spanish

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