Sleep deprivation can cause many problems.

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Sleep is just as important as air and water, yet many of us are getting by on far less than is needed.

Many people are not getting the sleep they need in today’s “open 24 hours” society. Between work and family there just does not seem to be enough time in the day to get everything done so, many of us just make the day longer. Instead of getting the seven to eight hours that our bodies require we’re doing it on 4-6 hours. We are literally “running on empty."

The hazards of sleep deprivation are many, increased irritability, loss of appetite, lethargy, slowing of reflexes and depression to name a few.

One of the causes of a bad nights sleep is the interruption of our body’s natural rhythms caused by changing light levels in our sleeping environment. One of the worst offenders is the television. Many people lie in bed and watch TV until falling asleep leaving the TV to play all night.

One of the queues that our body uses to know when to sleep is the rising and setting of the sun. Researchers have learned that our bodies use light to synchronize our natural circadian rhythms and any interruption can cause our bodies to be “out of sync” with the natural world.

One of the ways that we can combat this interruption to our body’s natural rhythms is through the use of a sleep mask, according to Howard Cloud, owner of Dispos-A-Mask ( a maker of lightweight disposable sleeping masks. The use of a sleep mask is an easy way to block out the changes in light levels that can prevent us from sleeping. Sleeping masks can used anywhere and anytime the need for sleep arises.

Sleeping masks have also proved to be beneficial in preventing and lessening the severity of jet lag for the frequent traveler. They are also good for shift workers who must sleep during the day. Many people only require the use of a sleep mask for a short period of time to “re-sync” their bodies or for use on a long plane or car trip. Many even find sleeping masks beneficial when they have to have a long diagnostic procedure such as a MRI or CAT scan. People who suffer from migraines also find that blocking out light during a headache helps to lessen the attack.

“We wanted to make a lightweight, affordable and disposable solution to the “lights in your eyes” problem and we’ve done that with Dispos-A-Mask” said Mr. Cloud. “Why spend $20 to $40 for an item that you will only use for a short period of time?" “Because our sleep mask/blindfold is so affordable the uses are endless, they can be used in day spas, party games, taste tests or anywhere else that you might need to block out light or prevent someone from seeing."


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