HouCo announces that they have expanded their line of all natural products.

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These new supplements provide benefits ranging from Weight Loss to Stop Smoking naturally. Most popular among the new product line Alvidar treatment for Hypothyroidism, it is brand new to our company. Running close seconds are for weight loss with Zetacap our gastric bypass pill and then Ovulex for fertility.

Most popular among the new product line Alvidar treatment for Hypothyroidism, it is brand new to our company. Running close seconds are for weight loss with Zetacap our gastric bypass pill and then Ovulex for fertility. Here is a a quick update to let you know what the top 10 products are. We are very excited that summer is finally approaching us and feel confident that these products will bring great success.

Zetacap – Unlike other weight loss products, Zetacap™ works fast. It is fully effective in just minutes. Most people seem to reach their weight loss goals in as little as 30 to 45 days and most accomplished their goal size in less than 90 days. There is no need for continued use to maintain your size. You will finally reach the weight loss goal that you have always wanted.

Ovulex - For many women, infertility is due to a shortened or irregular menstrual cycle. The ingredients in Ovulex have a specific action which allows for a longer ovulation period, giving you a greater opportunity to conceive.

Leucatin – Is specially formulated to help kill the fungal infection in 7 days. Given that

nail fungus is so commonand so difficult to treat, Leucatin™ is a double attack, an internal and topical solution to help ensure that the fungal infection is completely removed from your system.

Lice-Rx – Relief is here. Lice-Rx has been designed to kill all lice and their eggs and nits in one application, not combs, no nit picking. Lice-Rx's ingredients have been carefully chosen to create the strongest, most effective lice solution available. Got kids in camp or school you need to have this in your medicine cabinet.

Nicozan - Nicozan™ has helped thousands of people just like you. By stopping smoking these people will enjoy their children and grandchildren for years to come. They will see them graduate, marry, hit home runs and sit with them on the porch. Do you have a reason for quitting? Comes in a three step process.

Zynoxin - Is a potent blend of botanicals that go to work instantly attacking the viral infection from the inside and the outside. Zynoxin™' ingredients have shown to help extinguish the pain and discomfort of shingles, the instant the topical solution touches your skin and interrupt the virus from spreading or getting worse, helping you get back to your normal life, without pain or embarrassment in 5 days flat.

Monobrex -No other product, remedy, or prescription has been more natural and successful in stimulating the immune system than Monobrex. It is firmly backed by our no questions asked, 100% percent money back guarantee policy that ensures your success or you pay nothing. It's that simple.

Digestrin - The ingredients in Digestrin have been combined to help reduce the embarrassing and painful symptoms you experience from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. There are key ingredients that have a rich history and potent impact on your IBS and IBS symptoms.

Fung-Rx – Fung-Rx is a two-part system that attacks ringworm from both the outside and the inside.

1.    PART ONE: deep penetrating oil like gel that is applied directly to the affected area of the skin twice per day to help sooth itching and help your body destroy surface ringworm on contact.

2.    PART TWO: concentrated anti-fungal capsule taken daily for 10 days to boost your immune system and help your body fight off the fungus. Both go to work right away fighting the fungus that causes ringworm. Fung-Rx has worked like magic for over 200,000 users worldwide, shouldn't it work for you?

Lithonal - Lithonal is safe and contains botanical ingredients that have helped effectively alleviate kidney stones and relieve the pain they cause in hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Lithonal is a very specific blend of all natural ingredients that target the cause of kidney stones and the pain they produce

Alvidar Our news product online is Alvidar contains all-natural ingredients that are essential to making it gentle and effective. Alvidar is specifically formulated to help your body restore your thyroid gland to normal function, and produce normal levels of thyroid hormones without any harsh chemicals or side effects. Over a decade of documented international research has shown that the ingredients in Avider help provide your body with many of the essential nutrients that your thyroid needs to function properly.

Houco.com is working closely with Selmedica Healthcare to bring you an all natural healthy alternative, from the chemical based products now on the market. Go to houco.com and order online at the secure and locked order pages through our site. No need to call in to place your orders.


In order to continued our efforts to help others, please do not call in your orders. Order through our website. Houco.co will recieve no credit to help maintain its site, if you continue to call in orders. We at Houco, will be more than delighted to walk you through the online order process. Thank you.


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