Seven Steps to Find Your Perfect Career: A Practical Career Guidebook with Interviews from Very Successful

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Dislike your job? Seven out of ten workers do. Is there a solution? A great new book provides the seven steps to move from unhappy to dream job. Tips, strategies and stories from some of top most successful business leaders like Susan Jeffers, Marshall Bennett and Gerald Fogelson, are included.

According to government statistics, over 70% of workers are unhappy in their jobs. Is there a solution to this growing problem? International real estate leaders, Marshall Bennett, Gerald Fogelson, and Eugene Golub, and top author, Dr. Susan Jeffers, are just a few successful leaders who highly endorse this book, and think Margot provides the answer. This book is for everyone from college grads to senior executives who want to discover how to find and become successful in a career that matches their talents and passions.

The book provides an easy to follow “7 Step Process,” plus career information and activities along with interviews of real-life successful professionals, such as best selling author, Steven Good, Chairman & CEO of Sheldon Good & Company. Nine top leaders, along with the author’s twenty-plus years of insights, go into this book to create a unique and effective system for success. The author also offers an abundance of practical exercises and career guidance in an easy-to-read format. An overview of the “7 Steps” with a conclusion to help you review the process and put it all together is as follows:

Step One: Organize. Take time to organize your schedule, your time, and your space to focus your energy on what you want and deserve. This step includes an interview with Ruth Theobald, President, TheoPro Compliance & Consulting, Inc., practitioner, educator/trainer, famous columnist, author, consultant, Wisconsin.

Step Two: Examine Your Talents. This step includes career tests, strategies and information that will guide readers to identify their skills, talents and values. You will be inspired by an interview with David Leeds, designer/trainer/leadership management, and BA returning adult student in his fifties.

Step Three: Learn About Your Field. Once you know your skills, you still need to find places where can gather information about careers, jobs, etc. This step includes an Interview with Jennifer Ames, Yale graduate and top business woman who illustrates the procedure.

Step Four: Educate Yourself in Your Field. This step shows you how you can get the minimum education required whether it is in a workshop, seminar, course, or a degree program so that you can be successful. Margot includes two interviews: (1) Shandra Findley, BA Graduate in business management, co-owner, Findley Apartments & Substitute Teacher, Las Vegas, Nevada, and (2). An interview with Nancy Suvarnamani, President/owner and leading business woman, with two Master’s degrees and many certifications.

Step Five: Start a Career Plan. Regardless of whether you are planning to open your own business or work for someone else, once you have completed the above steps, you need to write your own unique career plan. This step includes an interview with Mrs. Patricia Choi, President, CHOI International, Honolulu, Hawaii to guide you through the process.

Step Six: Put Your Plan into Action. At this point, you need to learn the skills to challenge yourself to put your plan into action and go after what you want. This step includes an interview with Steven Good, JD, (AARE) Chairman & CEO, Sheldon Good & Company Auctions LLC, best selling author, Chicago.

Step Seven: Work hard to Leverage each job to create a perfect career. Weinstein believes in the saying “Success is 97% perspiration and 3% talent,” You must work and leverage each job into a career you want. An interview with Sharon Young, CEO and President of two organizations, who has been successful in five different fields will illustrate and inspire you on Step Seven.

The book ends with a review of the “7 Step Process” and provides a philosophy to guide you to “Enjoy The Journey.” An interview by Dr. Peter Linneman, world renowned consultant, Wharton professor, practitioner, speaker, writer, author from Philadelphia, PA will inspire you.                                                                                                                                    

How to Use Your Current Job to Find Your Perfect Career

So many people see their jobs as weak links in a chain of disappointing career moves. Weinstein shows readers how to leverage each job to create “a perfect career.”

There are probably more books on careers than almost any other topic, but no other book is so practical and simple to follow. It gives readers the daily tools they need to find that elusive career they might only dream about.

Finding the Perfect Career is Not a Pipe Dream

Loaded with success strategies of current business leaders, this book helps readers overcome their fears to find the right niche for their unique talents. Margot Weinstein provides a guidebook with timeless ideas that shows readers how to evaluate their current career path and make powerful changes quickly and effectively. Readers will be inspired by the insights they will glean from the book and the interviews of people who have succeeded beyond their dreams.

About the Author: Dr. Margot Weinstein is a successful business owner, well-known speaker, educator, commercial real estate practitioner, and college trained career counselor with more than three decades of experience. She is President and CEO of MW Leadership Consultants, LLC in Chicago. She is a seasoned writer with over six books and 50 publications worldwide. Weinstein believes in teaching from strategies that she has learned from her own business success and through interviewing successful people while completing her doctoral degree and two master’s degrees. Margot has interviewed over 100 leaders of major real estate, human resource and consulting companies worldwide such as: Sam Zell, Chairman, Equity Group Investments LLC; Eugene Golub, Chairman, Golub & Company and John Baird, Chairman, Baird & Warner.

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