Staffing Firm Increases Billable Hours 75 Percent with VCG Staffing Software

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Landmark Staffing Resources makes dramatic gains in billable hours while reducing work-related stress on staffing managers with VCG's staffing software technology.

Landmark, a Northeastern Wisconsin-based staffing firm, places employees in office administration, HR, accounting, professional and medical positions. For many years, Landmark utilized a DOS-based documentation system that was the company's first generation of database staffing software.

As Landmark grew and the staffing industry landscape became more competitive, it also outgrew the software. Management found retrieving strategic information difficult, productivity was often delayed with down-time, collaboration among office locations was cumbersome, efficiency was lost with separate back-office applications and the software lacked the flexibility to accommodate Landmark's new initiatives and growth strategies.

Landmark knew that to achieve the next level of their success, they needed a staffing software partner that would help them apply the strengths of technology to streamline their processes without diminishing their ability to deliver the personal touch that has defined Landmark's reputation in the marketplace.

In 2001, Landmark partnered with VCG and installed its StaffSuite staffing software, which had a dramatic impact on their operational efficiency.

"For the first time, our critical business information was within a single, fully-integrated management tool. StaffSuite allowed us to respond to our clients and employees quickly, to track the pulse of our business, improve process flow and make better management decisions," said Monica Vomastic, President of Landmark. "The productivity of our staffing managers, measured in hours billed each week, increased by 75 percent. At the same time it reduced their work-related stress, as they were able to accomplish their many daily tasks with greater ease. The efficiencies in activity and information flow have prompted us to reset our productivity benchmarks – allowing us to accomplish a higher volume of business before adding to our existing staff."

Software that increases productivity is essential to staffing companies during trying economic times or periods of slow growth. But now, with the staffing industry booming again, staffing software becomes an even more important competitive advantage.

Vomastic noted that, "Our key challenge is becoming competitive with the national staffing firms, so we are investing in technology for continued growth and competitive differentiation. Landmark's staffing software is critical to building and maintaining profitable business relationships. We need to build relationships with our clients a well as our employees. StaffSuite enables us to do this."

For instance, StaffSuite allows all users with permissions to view activities and tasks that other users have completed for a particular client. Vomastic says, "Our clients appreciate that we contact them only when appropriate. StaffSuite also eliminates the risk of staff members placing redundant calls or sending duplicate emails."

StaffSuite manages the relationships with employees for Landmark by enabling users to view employee assignments and work histories, as well as resume and background information.

In June, 2005, Landmark will enhance its StaffSuite technology as it upgrades to version 4.2. Additionally, the company will implement VCG's StaffSuite WordLink® product in the near future, tying it into a fully revamped website under development by VCG's Web Design Services and scheduled for a September 2005 deployment.

StaffSuite WorldLink will integrate many core functions of StaffSuite with Landmark's Website in real time. With it, Landmark will be able to communicate with their candidates, employees and clients more easily and effectively. It's a virtual 24x7 branch office for a fraction of the cost.

Vomastic notes that with the implementation of StaffSuite WorldLink, "90 percent of applicant information capture will go online, in addition to eventually allowing applicants, employees and clients to access information online. The StaffSuite WorldLink technology will bring even greater efficiency to our business model."

Another area where StaffSuite has made a big impact is in Landmark's back-office. Here, Ana Maria Valdez-Ortiz, Director of Information Technology has seen dramatic improvements in their operational efficiency; "Our payroll department spends 50 percent less time to run the payroll." That figure will be improved upon when Landmark completes its upgrade to StaffSuite 4.2, which introduces VCG's new 'TurboTime' technology that greatly reduces the time needed for the data entry of timesheets.

Reporting, critically important to managing the health of a staffing company and its business relationships, is also improved with StaffSuite staffing software. Valdez-Ortiz went on to state, "Before StaffSuite, creating one client or management report could take a week. With Crystal Reports in StaffSuite, I can sometimes have these same reports done in minutes."

Vomastic adds, "The ability to quickly create custom reports makes it easier for us to manage clients, employees and our business direction." An example would be a usage report that Valdez-Ortiz has developed that runs automatically for Vomastic, so that she can track trends and check on Landmark's service levels.

Landmark has also used StaffSuite's reporting functionality to improve operational procedures between Landmark and its clients. Valdez-Ortiz states, "Our clients appreciate our ability to automatically email their invoices and also provide custom usage reports."

While Landmark's operations have definitely benefited from StaffSuite staffing software, Vomastic notes that the positive response by the staff plays an important role in Landmark's success. "Our staff is excited about the new features and capabilities in 4.2," Vomastic said. In addition to training current staff on upgraded features, Landmark can now welcome new staff members to their desk faster. "Learning StaffSuite is so easy, training time has been reduced by 65 percent," Vomastic reports. "Being able to get new staff members productive quickly capitalizes on their enthusiasm and begins to deliver a faster return on our investment," added Vomastic.

With all these positive changes and Landmark's technological insight, it's easy to see why the company has been around for 20 years.

Vomastic states, "StaffSuite has become the lifeline of our business and communications. As we add remote offices and Internet-based recruiting and client service capabilities, we're confident that VCG, as our technology partner, will be there for us."

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About Landmark Staffing:

Landmark Staffing Resources is based in Northeastern Wisconsin and places employees in office administration, HR, accounting, professional and medical positions. Landmark's history spans 20 years and is a testament to the accomplishments that are possible through Landmark's core values of integrity, respect, servant leadership, excellence and determination. For more information on Landmark, please visit:


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