BustFree USA Launches the Perfect Summer Bra in the US

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BustFree USA has recently introduced a strapless backless bra to the US which provides a perfect solution for what to wear under all those summer fashions. This bra works with all form fitting clothing and is perfect with all those sexy summer tops and sizzling summer dresses and it does not require adhesives. This bra is soft and comfortable, provides lift and shape, and is actually held securely in place by your clothing.

A new bra recently introduced to the USA provides a timely and comfortable solution to the old dilemma of what to wear with camisoles, tank tops and halter tops this summer. This simple but very functional bra has intrigued and captivated women worldwide.

Recently featured on CBS and NBC affiliate TV talk shows, this bra fills a niche not covered by the current range of stick on bras and conventional strapped bras. It is perfectly suited to many of the summer fashions that require a strapless backless bra that is soft, light, comfortable and easy to wear. This bra can also be worn under most swimsuits for that extra bit of modesty as well as uplift.

The bra was invented in Australia by a woman who wanted a more comfortable alternative to conventional bras. She also wanted a bra that could be worn with the strapless backless fashions that have become popular in both casual and formal wear. She called her invention the BustFree Bra.

When this revolutionary new bra was featured on the national Australian TV Show, “Today Tonight,” it was an instant success and sales in the first month exceeded 50,000 pairs from the website and call centers.

This versatile bra works where other bras won’t and does so without adhesives. It is made from medical grade expanded polyurethane and is actually held securely in place by the wearer’s clothes. While the bra does require form fitting clothing, many women are finding that its versatility has enabled them to wear clothes that they would not have otherwise considered wearing.

David Blacklock, President of BustFree USA, said that this bra which is patented worldwide, has none of the negative aspects of its main competitors which are generally made of silicone and are therefore heavy and uncomfortable. They also require adhesives to remain in place which can cause allergic reactions, and they cannot be worn for more than a few hours at a time. BustFree Bra cups are more hygienic because they require no adhesives, do not cause the wearer to perspire, and can easily be washed and dried.

He also stated that the bra has proven to have other uses not originally considered by the inventor. It has shown to be exceptionally useful for nursing mothers, since it is considerably easier to use than many maternity bras. It has also proven to be a much more comfortable alternative to silicone prostheses for women who have suffered mastectomies.

For more information call toll free on 1 877 366 3621 or visit their website at http://www.bustfreeusa.com





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