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Anger management and marriage counseling specialist Marc Sadoff, MSW, BCD says, "Don't we all wish we could get our partners to stop talking when we feel an argument is getting too hot and unproductive?" Sadoff says his home study workbook course and Los Angeles weekend seminar for couples who argue too much is like having a remote control that gets your partner to agree to 'zip their lip' and let you leave the room. He says his video simulation training methods are unorthodox yet simple and effective in getting couples to express and listen to angry feelings more constructively. He is confident enough about his simulation training weekend that he offers a money back guarantee for the cost of the weekend training or the workbooks.

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These agreements will either help you make up... or break up.

Relationship advice & anger management expert Marc Sadoff, MSW, BCD, a Los Angeles based therapist featured in Time Magazine, says the key to his program is the priority of the concept of 'ZIPPING THE LIP.' His approach can be previewed at his website at

A 31 page sample of the seminar manual is also available for immediate download as a .pdf file at

Marc says that he's drawn his methods from having worked for 19 years in doing anger management treatment, eight years of doing couples workshops and from his personal experience of 'passionate relationships.' He says, "I learned to become less defensive and to listen all the way through my partner's description of her experience, before I began explaining myself. When I saw the amazing results of using these deceptively simple two and three step methods, I began to develop how they could be taught in the most efficient manner to couples. I wanted to give couples an effective set of tools to use before going to marriage counseling and spending much more money."

The workshop manual, used for the weekend training is available with a money back guarantee for couples who do not live close to Los Angeles, at

Sadoff says that his methods are influenced and drawn from his training in facilitating the PREP™ course. He says the research of PREP™ and Dr. John Gottman, recognized experts in marriage counseling, has been very useful in developing his program.

The most important agreement is the 'time out' agreement which has only two rules. He says, "This is the one that gives either partner the 'remote control power' over your partner and gets them to 'zip their lips.' Many people think they are taking a 'time out' but are forgetting the critical second element which makes it work. I spend a full quarter of the workshop getting couples to fully understand the 'Time Out' method because it's all about stopping the arguing."

In fact, Sadoff says, "These agreements will either help you make up... or break up." He adds, "The agreements become the measuring stick to decide if there is any 'Real Hope' for the relationship to improve. If real evidence of change does not occur then one or both partners may need to get additional help individually. Or, it's time to either accept that the relationship will not change significantly or to consider an ending."

He goes on to say, "It's a form of 'toxic hope' to continue in a disrespectful or very argumentative relationship when there is no real evidence that it will change. My course helps assure that you will get the evidence, one way or the other."

Sadoff said he wanted to create a strictly educational workshop, seen at to simply teach the best methods recognized by the professional community as being effective.

Video and email testimonials by couples who have taken his weekend course have couples saying what changes and insights occurred for them that help them know that they have measurable REAL HOPE for their relationship.

The video testimonials can be seen by broadband, cable and DSL users at

Those using slower dialup modems can view the written email testimonials at

"You insure you house, your car and your life...why not insure that your relationship has the best tools and chance for success? The workshop manual is based on research with thousands of couples and is great Relationship Insurance." says the therapist.


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