Google Censors Ads for Anti-Clinton Book

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Google bans previously approved ads for book about the Clintons' abuse of power but leaves anti-Bush ads intact. The CEO's support of Hillary Clinton is questioned as a factor.

Popular search engine Google reversed course late last week and banned a previously approved online ad campaign for a new book that documents abuses of power by Bill and Hillary Clinton. The surprise move prompted the book's author and publishing house to publicly question if the politics of Google’s CEO - a financial backer of Hillary Clinton - played a role in this change of course.

“Google's decision to reverse its prior approval and shut down this banner ad campaign reeks of political bias,” charges Candice E. Jackson, the author of “Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine” (World Ahead Publishing; hardcover: $25.95; ISBN 0974670138). “The company's liberal leanings are pretty widely known, but this example of blatant editorial censorship is still shocking.”

The controversy comes at a time when the search engine giant is facing increasing scrutiny for claims of editorial unfairness by conservative organizations. Last month, a conservative activist group, went public with claims that Google was rejecting its ads targeting House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi while at the same time running identical ads attacking Republican Leader Tom DeLay.

Representatives for Google - whose corporate motto is “don't be evil” - attempted to defend the surprise ban on the book’s ads by claiming their policies prohibit ads that are against an individual. But while the ads for the book - which featured images of the book's cover and pictures of the former First Couple - were suddenly deemed too offensive, Google happily accepts advertisements with headlines such as "Hate Bush? So Do We," “Bush Belongs Behind Bars,” and "George W. Bush Fart Doll."

Even in liberal Northern California, Google is a well-known haven for Democrats. A recent study of Federal Election Commission records revealed that 98% of its employees' political donations (totaling $463,500) went to Democratic political candidates in the past three election cycles. CEO Eric Schmidt is a particularly outspoken Democratic booster. In 2004 he publicly endorsed the Kerry-Edwards ticket, and he is also a financial backer of Senator Hillary Clinton, one of the primary subjects of “Their Lives.”

“Hillary Clinton has always been willing to help Bill smear and intimidate the women who got in their way,” says Jackson. “And now that she's planning to run for the White House in 2008, I have no doubt that she'll do whatever it takes to keep her past abuses of power concealed. Could the need to protect Hillary's reputation be part of the rationale behind Google's sudden censorship of this advertising campaign?”

Judy Abarbanel, marketing director for World Ahead Publishing, notes that the company's ad campaign for “Their Lives” was receiving hundreds of clicks each day prior to Google’s unilateral decision to terminate it. The book's Amazon ranking tumbled several thousand spots in the first day following the termination, costing the publisher an untold number of sales.

“In the past the Clintons have used hired thugs, private investigators, and even the IRS to try to quiet political nuisances,” notes author Jackson, who is a recovering victim of rape. “But this is the first time that I've ever heard of a search engine doing their dirty work for them.”

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