Payday Review: Guiding Customers To Legal Payday Loans

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Payday Review ( offers a unique and new service to persons using payday loan services. By offering legal facts on each state they made it easier for consumer to get informed and decrease the chance of being exposed to illegal practices.

Short term loans, or payday loans as they are popularly called, have gained wide appeal in the past few years. They target a large market not covered by the traditional banks where people are in need of a quick fix to their cash problems. As this service often does not require a credit check and is fast, it targets people living from paycheck to paycheck. These consumers generally do not qualify for a personal bank loan and do not possess credit cards. Payday lenders can then charge extremely high fees for the convenience of quick and easy access to cash. While some states have a maximum annual interest rate anyone can charge for a loan, other states allow lenders to determine a rate at their own discretion; resulting in annual fees sometimes as high as 500%. Although the fees seem relatively manageable at $15-30 for each $100 loan, this translates to an annual interest rate of 180-360%!

Even in states where the annual interest rate is capped at a specific value, lenders manage to charge upwards of 300%, in most cases by masking the costs as “administration fees”. Payday Review states that the most common illegal payday loans are of this type where the lender uses additional fees, such as “administration costs”; to increase their profits by working around legally allowed interest rate maximum. This is called usury and covered in state laws where payday loans are legal. In some states these short term loans are illegal and there some providers get around the legislation by offering loans small enough to fall outside of the legal framework of that state.

Payday Review warns for other short term loan providers who fail to make sure you can repay the loan and use intimidating practices, or outright threats, to force repayment. Any legal loan can become illegal if the lender knowingly intimidates the consumer and him to become more in debt due to these unfair practices.

With conflicting laws and more short term loans available than you need, it is extremely hard for consumers to become educated regarding the legalities of these loans. Not knowing where to turn to for information, and with many illegal lenders, it can be a dangerous arena for the customer. This is a problem Payday Review solves with their state by state legal information. Payday Review gives customers the tools they need to find a legal loan provider and recognize when they are taken advantage from.

In the US each state decides on its own laws and as such legal aspects can be confusing as they can be completely different from one state to the next; “What is legal in California can be completely illegal in Alaska,” according to Payday review.

Payday review offers an extremely useful service to consumers who could previously more easily be exploited by lenders. By organizing all relevant laws for each state borrowers have a chance to look for specific information pertaining to their location. Payday review is a division of Ropage Group and based in Glendale, AZ. Anybody looking for a quick fix to their financial trouble can avoid borrowing worries with Payday Review’s service.


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