Western Pozzolan Introduces All Natural Lassenite Soil Amendment

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Western Pozzolan introduces a new, all natural soil amendment that conserves water, decreases labor costs, and allows amended soil to absorb moisture making it available to your turf and plants.

Western Pozzolan has introduced a new porous ceramic soil amendment that is says will reduce localized dry spot problems, reduce irrigation requirements, promote deeper roots, force open and maintain air and water passageways and reduce compaction.

“Lassenite Soil Amendment is going to have a dramatic effect on reducing water consumption and labor costs associated with intensive turf management," said Steve Beck, President and CEO of Western. “This product will absorb its weight in water and slowly release it, making it available to the root zone.” Water conservation is increasingly becoming a major issue for golf courses, parks, and residential properties.

Lassenite not only delivers much needed water to the root zone, runoff will be reduced due to increased infiltration of water into the soil. Lassenite possesses a strong wicking ability or conduit effect and will increase the water holding capacity of soil on slopes, bunker faces, and other hard to maintain areas.

Lassenite Pozzolan is extracted from a surface mine just north of Reno, Nevada. This deposit originated millions of years ago when nearby volcanoes erupted and volcanic ash was deposited into nearby freshwater lakes. These freshwater lakes contained large amounts of diatoms. The skeletal remains of this tiny organism are extremely porous and adsorbent which allows for the efficient movement of air, water and nutrients within turf. Most of the product is currently shipped overseas to areas experiencing severe drought. “Our clients in the Middle East are reducing their water consumption from 35% to over 50%,” said Beck. “These people consider water to be a precious commodity that is to be conserved whenever possible.” Asked how long the product will be effective Beck stated “the product has been around for 26 million years, it’s not going away any time soon.”

Lassenite Pozzolan is available in a variety of sizes depending upon application and soil type. Contact Steve Beck, http://www.westernpozzolan.com, mailto: info@westernpozzolancorp.com


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