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New web-based language courses take the drudgery out of learning English.

Former Canadian diplomat and international businessman Steve Kaufmann needed to speak and read Japanese – immediately. He didn't have the time or inclination to sit through long classroom hours learning grammar rules or inane textbook lessons, so, with the help of native speakers, he developed a quick way to teach himself. That was 20 years ago. Today, learning by the same process, Kaufmann speaks nine languages fluently and hopes to help a flood of North American immigrants learn English quickly with the same methods at

The new Web-based learning program allows members to learn English from interesting, relevant content that they choose themselves. Available content covers topics ranging from sports to specific business fields to regular day-to-day conversation. Interesting material is the key to learning any language quickly, Kaufmann said.

“I found as long as I was interested and motivated that learning any language was much faster and easier,” he said. “That's essential for people in business who need to hit the ground running.”

The need for English-language skills among immigrants to Canada alone is staggering, Kaufmann says. The Canadian government estimates that about a third of the more than 250,000 immigrants entering the country each year do not speak English. Employers report that even among immigrants who do speak English, many do not have the level of fluency needed for jobs in the modern North American economy.

“Both government and business are looking for inexpensive, effective methods for teaching English,” Kaufmann says. “Online courses often achieve the cost-saving factor, but finding one that is comprehensive and effective can be challenging. We have taken language learning out of the classroom, which is essentially a low-efficiency environment, and by using leading-edge concepts and technology have created a highly efficient system that delivers fast, measurable results at a low cost.”

The learning system at includes listening, reading and a unique method for increasing vocabulary. Students are able to submit writing for correction by a tutor and join tutor-guided group discussions. In addition, all members receive their own personal tutor who they communicate with one-on-one by voice and email. The tutor provides regular progress reports to congratulate, encourage and direct students. Learners set goals for which they are accountable.

The only equipment required is a computer with an internet connection, a headset microphone and a portable MP3 or CD player. Members are able to learn English anywhere, anytime and at their own pace. Especially since a major component of the program includes repetitive listening on a portable device.

All audio and text content is easily adapted on This flexibility can accommodate regional accents and any specialized subject matter that any employer or student requires.

To learn more about how to become fluent in English quickly, visit

About The Linguist Institute:

The Linguist Institute is a web-based English training company based in West Vancouver, BC, Canada. Steve Kaufmann, President and CEO of The Linguist Institute, developed The Linguist system based on the steps that enabled him to become fluent in nine languages. The Linguist System emphasizes relevant language input, and incorporates leading edge modern language teaching concepts.

The Linguist's unique content based learning system enables corporations to integrate corporate and industry training with language training. It enables educational institutions to integrate course instruction with language training. Through the use of relevant language input in real life situations, content based learning increases the rate at which a language can be acquired.

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Jill Soles, director of public relations

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