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Ask anyone why they spend an inordinate amount of time at a certain Web site and typically the word "addictive" gets brandished about. That's the word that "Chimahead," the chief roadie for the band Nightmare Prophecy used when describing his attraction to the 3D Web sites at Gogofrog.com. And it would appear he is not alone with people from around the world building 3D webspaces and sharing a common attraction to the unique form of expression the 3rd dimension offers.

This whole thing is terribly addictive.

Ask anyone why he or she spends an inordinate amount of time at a certain Web site and typically the word "addictive" gets brandished about. That's the word that "Chimahead," the chief roadie for the band Nightmare Prophecy used when describing his attraction to the 3D Web sites at Gogofrog.com. "It's like walking through everybody's houses and seeing how they decorate the rooms," he says. "This whole thing is terribly addictive." Chimahead, who set up his own personal site called Chimahead's Art Space [http://www.gogofrog.com/userdata/chimahead , is just one of about 2000 people who have been drawn to Gogofrog.com over the past few weeks to create their own 3D Web rooms.

Launched in early April of 2005, Gogofrog is a unique free "3D Web Space" hosting service that's simple yet alluring, and addictive. Gogofrog dispenses with the home page concept and adopts a home room as a starting point. "Guests" use the arrow keys to navigate forward, back, left and right to view content installations on walls, and pass through doorways into alcoves and other chambers, which may be decorated with any type of content from photos and illustrations to video and audio clips to journal entries and RSS feeds. Space owners can design room shapes, choose color textures for the walls, floor and ceiling, and then manage content like any typical browser-based Web hosting service.

“There’s no learning curve to wrap your brain around,” says Gogofrog co-founder Vincent Teubler. “Users can go in and build a very functional and personal 3D Web Space in a matter of minutes. And it’s amazing the diverse sites people from all over the world are coming up with. The only thing they seem to have in common is that the third dimension gives them a unique form of expression.”

A number of artists, small businesses and groups of people from the far corners of the globe have been setting up virtual 3D galleries, such as Bermuda Onion [http://www.gogofrog.com/userdata/bermudaonion , by Ique. Bermuda Onion looks less like a myriad of rooms than geometric shapes with eclectic photos and vibrant illustrations simply occurring throughout a black void. Visitors can position the shapes into unique perspectives using the arrow keys. It’s a highly intriguing site. The Vertigo Room in Bermuda Onion is aptly titled.

Macele [http://www.gogofrog.com/userdata/macele is a site by a poet signed Mac, with a series of musings tastefully hung on an array of partitions. FlyerKraig [http://www.gogofrog.com/userdata/FlyerKraig by a pilot who has set up a series of open-air rooms beneath a sky of little fluffy clouds to hang photos of planes he’s trained in and flown, as well as personal snapshots of family get-togethers. Jordana [http://www.gogofrog.com/userdata/jordana is a colorful recreation room for a Sydney Women’s League baseball club in Australia. A barbeque restaurant in Farmersville, Texas, has built The BBQ Corner [http://www.gogofrog.com/userdata/thebbqcorner to present menu items, launch promotions and sell merchandise. Phuketara Resort [http://www.gogofrog.com/userdata/phuketararesort introduces and chronicles the development of a 50-room boutique resort in Thailand scheduled to open in 2006.

And then there’s the enigmatic Lightning Shots [http://www.gogofrog.com/userdata/lightningshots , set up by Gogofrog co-founder Teubler himself, to display the results of endless nights spent chasing thunderbolts with a camera. “It’s not easy photographing lighting, nor is it easy to launch something on the Web that’s radically different from the norm,” he says. “The original idea behind Gogofrog was to make a mechanism for a completely unique Web experience,” explains Teubler, “and it had to be easy so people of all ages could figure it out naturally. I’m excited that so many people have taken to it in such short order. We feel we have succeeded in our initial goal of getting a basic but useful tool launched on the Web.”

But there is still much work to do, and presently the company is focusing on a post-launch phase of operations which consists of enriching the feature offerings by making more flexible room and “furnishing” options available, launching the new Japanese language version to the Japanese market, and implementing additional services that members will find useful, including podcasting. And, of course, letting the world know about the unique 3D Web experience that’s available at Gogofrog.com.

About Gogofrog.com:

Gogofrog.com is a unique free "3D Web Space" hosting service where navigation is through three-dimensional rooms and doorways using keyboard arrow keys, with conventional point and click menu as support navigation. Members can build a Gogofrog Web Space and decorate it with photos, illustrations, audio clips, journal entries and other standard content with no technical skills other than the ability to use a Web browser.

About Gogofrog Pty Ltd:

Gogofrog Pty Ltd of Melbourne, Australia was established in April 2005 to offer easy-to-use Web services to non-technically minded people. Founded by CEO Vincent Teubler, Creative Director Lorenzo Lorefice and R&D Engineer Glenn Mitchell, Gogofrog's first offering is the 3D Web Space hosting service Gogofrog.com, as well as a company-sponsored blog called 3Dmented which aims to explore all aspects of 3D technology while providing a long list of links to 3D-related Web sites the world over. The company's mission is to attract a community of enthusiastic 3D Web Space users as well as developers who will help expand and evolve the concept into a viable three-dimensional niche on the Web. Visit Gogofrog on the Web at http://www.gogofrog.com
Visit 3Dmented at http://www.3dmented.typepad.com

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