First Pregnancy from First Frozen Donor Egg Bank in the World

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The first frozen donor egg bank in the world has opened and a Lexington, Kentucky couple is pregnant with the first frozen and thawed eggs from Cryo Eggs International. The first woman pregnant from the egg bank, Wendy Kennedy, says "I think everybody should know this option is available."

Although sperm banks have been around for decades, assisting couples or single women create wanted children, now the first global egg bank, Cryo Eggs International, has opened in the U.S. and a Lexington, Kentucky couple is pregnant with the first frozen and thawed eggs. "I think everybody should know this option is available," says Wendy Kennedy, first woman pregnant from CEI's donor egg bank.

Freezing sperm has been a much easier proposition, but until recently, the technology did not exist to freeze womens' eggs. Now a woman who needs young, healthy and fertile eggs to conceive a child of her own can contact Cryo Eggs International (CEI), based in Phoenix, Arizona, and get "matched" with a woman whose eggs are frozen. The eggs are shipped anywhere in the world, thawed, fertilized with the husband's sperm and transferred as an embryo to a waiting woman who wishes to experience the pregnancy and birth of her baby.

There are many reasons for infertility, but the most common problem for women over age 35 is simply that their eggs are getting too old to work the way they should. Diana Thomas, managing partner of CEI knows this only too well. "I tried for 15 years to have children – I thought that once I wanted them, conception would be easy, but it wasn't. It was hard, very hard to get pregnant and only after 18 procedures, from low level technology to using a younger woman's egg, was I able to have my first son at age 40."

The first frozen donor egg bank was formed based on new egg freezing methods developed by Dr. Boldt, Scientific Director for CEI. For five years, Dr. Boldt's work was overseen by an Institutional Review Board to ensure all professional standards were met. Dr. Boldt's most recent data shows that he has consistently achieved a greater than 60% survival rate when thawing eggs, and an over a 30% pregnancy rate per embryo transfer procedure, when using eggs from infertility patients. It is expected that these success rates will be higher using donor eggs, where eggs are obtained from younger women with no history of infertility.

Donor eggs are now commonly used in infertility therapy worldwide. In 2001, in the U.S. alone over 12,000 women tried to conceive using "fresh" donor eggs. Many of the problems a woman and her physician must overcome when using "fresh" donor eggs are virtually eliminated with a frozen donor egg from the CEI Bank. Frozen donor eggs offer unprecedented convenience, eliminate many geographical restrictions as eggs can be shipped world-wide and remove the risk of "failed" fresh cycles where no eggs are retrieved as mature eggs are guaranteed when purchased from CEI. Also, the use of frozen donor eggs essentially eliminates any of the current health hazards from infectious disease transmission present in a "fresh" donor cycle. Women who require donor eggs to conceive will have the opportunity to purchase eggs from the CEI bank, which currently has over 250 eggs from educated women in their 20s representing a variety of ethnicities. CEI is registered with the FDA and follows or exceed all FDA guidelines for infectious disease screening.

The three experienced professionals that operate CEI include Dr. Jeffrey Boldt, Scientific Director; Dr. James Akin, Medical Director; and Diana Thomas, CEO and Managing Partner. Dr. Boldt developed the technology that allows for the successful freezing and thawing of human eggs. Dr. Akin has practiced infertility for 15 years in both an academic university setting as well as private practice. Diana Thomas had her three children with the help of donor eggs and has owned and operated an international egg donor recruiting agency for eight years.

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Diana Thomas

CEO, Cryo Eggs International

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Phoenix, Arizona 85020

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Dr. Jeffrey Boldt

Scientific Director, Cryo Eggs International

Phone: 317-621-5802

Dr. James Akin

Medical Director, Cryo Eggs International

Phone: 859-260-1515

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