Zipkeys, One-click Typing, Released by Doolicity Innovations

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Zipkeys lets users quickly, easily and cost-effectively respond to e-mails, customer service requests, and any other repetitive or redundant task.

Doolicity Innovations (DI), the leader in customer service solutions for small and mid-sized online merchants, today announced the release of the Zipkeys, One-click Typing solution. Zipkeys lets users quickly, easily and cost-effectively respond to e-mails, customer service requests, and any other repetitive or redundant task. Zipkeys is the ideal tool for simplifying any typing task from managing text, organizing data, and filling in web forms. In fact, Zipkeys is optimized for any data entry task, such as entering data in Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.

DI offers enterprise-class software solutions for small and medium-sized companies. Over the last several years, DI has created a suite of custom, easy-to-use, and scalable software solutions to better manage its own online business. “We thought everyone was managing their customer service departments with advanced software solutions like Zipkeys,” said Craig Galione, CEO of DI. “When the word got out, the demand became abundantly clear.”

DI shared their Zipkeys solution with some of its prime customers, all in the eBay 500 and Amazon 500; these companies became key beta sites. The end result is that DI is now in the process of 'productizing' all four of its advanced solutions as the DI Suite for Customer (DISC) solutions that will focus on the listing, labeling and pricing discovery processes. DI will release the entire suite over the next several quarters.

According to Paul JJ Payack, CMO of DI, “The benefit for customers is that they will now be able to harness the power of our enterprise-class solutions, at a fraction of the cost.    Zipkeys is ideal for any labor-intensive, repetitive and time-consuming task by simply and efficiently standardizing the process through DI's innovative ‘one-click typing’. In this way, Zipkeys helps minimizes labor-intensive tasks, and dramatically improves efficiency by cutting typing time by 90% and eliminating formerly redundant efforts.”

Zipkey users, in effect, create virtual keys, in which they store any amount of information that they can then use to perform any data entry-task from responding to hundreds of e-mails, entering data into web forms, or even working in Excel and Word files.

Zipkeys supports a virtually unlimited number of keys, and updates automatically and transparently.

Pricing and Availability: Zipkeys is priced at $79.95 and is immediately available for download from

System Requirements:

· Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Pro

· Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro

· Intel Pentium II 350Mhz and above

· 64 MB RAM - 128 or above recommended

· 34 MB Free Disc Space - During Installation

· CD ROM Drive - For CD installation only

· Internet Connection - For registration and updates

· Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

About Doolicity Innovations:

Doolicity Innovations (DI) is a pioneer in advanced software solutions for online merchants, helping to make online selling more efficient, simple and profitable.

Founded in 1996, Doolicity Innovations evolved from one of the first collectible enterprises that recognized the power of the emerging online marketplace. Doolicity. In 1998, focused on the first major online sales channel – eBay and soon began offering its products over Amazon and other online channels. To help manage their rapidly expanding enterprise, the Company created and deployed a series of software solutions that proved extremely popular with other online vendors. In 2005 Doolicity was re-focused as Doolicity Innovations (DI) to address this burgeoning software solutions marketplace. DI is located in the high tech belt of San Diego, California.

For more information, call 888.947.5397 or visit DI on the web at


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