Records For Living, Inc. Releases Demo Version of HealthFrameTM - The Family Health Organizer

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HealthFrame improves your familyÂ?s health and wellness by putting you in control of your familyÂ?s health information

Records For Living, Inc. is releasing a fully-functional demo version of HealthFrameTM - a state-of-the-art personal health record (PHR) management system that compiles health and wellness-related information gathered throughout an individual’s entire life.

“Patients are mostly unaware of the value of maintaining personal electronic health records,” says Simone Pringle, President and Founder of Records for Living, Inc. “We believe in the importance of raising consumer awareness for PHRs, improving patient access to their health information and helping individuals become more involved in their health care decisions. Consumers will be encouraged to use the evaluation copy of HealthFrame as a first step to understanding the benefits of becoming more involved healthcare consumers.”

HealthFrameTM enables a consumer to consolidate information from multiple organizations and health care providers, including hospitals, medical doctors, dentists, chiropractors, nutritionists, personal trainers, and all others involved in care.

Furthermore, HealthFrameTM allows the consumer and his or her health care providers to access that information quickly and easily, ensuring that health care decisions are based on complete and accurate information at all times.

The personal and societal benefits of PHR use have been recognized by the US Department of Health and Human Services (, as well as The American Medical Informatics Association’s national initiative to promote the use of Electronic Health Records for patient safety ( and The American Health Information Management Association (

Comparative review of personal health record software solutions

There are a number of personal health record offerings in the market today, with no comparative analysis done by trusted independent parties. Consumers often need to make personal health management decisions without the benefit of prior personal experience or unbiased reviews. Often purchases are made on the basis of price or whether the solution is being offered by the individual’s current health care provider. Consumers are not being given the chance of choosing based on the quality of the solution.

“If it’s your medical record information, why don’t you have it?” asks Pringle. “Many personal health record products in the market still retain the ownership of medical record information with providers or at a central repository. This leaves unresolved many of the problems caused by today’s healthcare information management. Health and wellness information is still not consolidated and the consumers still have limited access and little control over what is actually being tracked on their behalf.

Healthcare consumers need to ask tough questions when making this important decision:

• Can I influence the content of the information being stored in my personal health record?

• If I switch providers, how easy will it be for me to retain (without loss of information) my personal health record?

• If I belong to an HMO and I see a specialist at a local hospital, is my personal health record information split in multiple sites? Who’s coordinating the information exchange?

• Many personal health record web sites have gone out of business in the past few years (including hospital and HMO-based solutions). What will happen to my personal health information if the internet based record management system is terminated?

• Is my personal health record limited to illness and disease management or can I track wellness management, such as physical fitness programs, and dieting?

Using HealthFrame’s demo version, consumers will appreciate the quality of our solution.”


The HealthFrameTM concept mirrors that of the popular and user-friendly personal financial planning and management software tools that have been used successfully by consumers for years. HealthFrameTM supports all aspects of health and wellness management and allows consumers to track their health and care, improving the quality of the health care they receive. HealthFrameTM:

• easily and conveniently summarizes health information from different sources

• allows the consumer to verify that all information is accurate and up-to-date

• tracks critical health information including progress on health indicators (e.g. weight, cholesterol, blood pressure)

• provides a prompt, up-to-date view of an individual’s entire health picture

• allows consumers to carry with them critical, life-saving health information

• automatically creates a customized medical reference library based on the individual’s conditions, diagnoses, and medications, which the individual can use to inform health care decisions

• helps reduce health care costs by identifying duplicative tests and encouraging preventive care

• simplifies the tracking of medical expenses for taxes or insurance


The evaluation version of HealthFrame may be downloaded from or from many shareware sites (e.g. CNET,, etc). The full product version of HealthFrame has been available since April 25, 2005 and may be purchased for $49.95 from or from authorized distributors.

Customers who use the demo version and then choose to purchase HealthFrame will be able to preserve medical record information tracked during the evaluation.

About Records For Living, Inc.

Records For Living, Inc. is a pioneer in the personal information management industry and is focused on providing solutions to a broad range of health care issues.

Records For Living, Inc. has released HealthFrameTM as an innovative solution to personal health management. Records For Living, Inc. also provides professional services to our health care provider partners to support the improved exchange of medical record information between providers and patients.

Records For Living, Inc. may be reached on the World Wide Web at or via email at

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