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FRIENDOÂ?, the brand new board game, is available for free trial as an online multiplayer game. Play it with friends, and you'll find out how well you know each other. Play it with strangers, and FRIENDOÂ? will quickly find your "soul mate". As an online game, it's great for bloggers, who shouldÂ?ve gotten to know each other quite well from blogging.

Beginning today, FRIENDO™, the brand new board game offered by Bell & Newton Company Limited for US$49.95, can be played online for free as a multiplayer game.

Four live players per table, chat while you play, no registration necessary if you play as a Guest.

Click "Play Online" at

How did FRIENDO™ come to be?

The idea for the game FRIENDO™ came about when the creator witnessed an incident between a young couple in a coffee shop.

That scuffle began when the husband gave his wife her new birthday present. She sat waiting in the coffee shop when he pulled up to the curb in that birthday present - a brand new Porsche 911 convertible.

It was supposed to be a warm, happy moment....especially so with the setting sun shining gloriously into the coffee shop.

But much to the husband's dismay, his wife's smile turned to a groan when she got behind the sun and saw the car's color.

"It's blue," were the first words out of her dead lips.

"But you like blue! Most of your dresses are blue!" he explained.

"Yeah, but not the car!" she protested.

Well, let's not describe the rest of this exchange. It got ugly. It goes to show that you can know somebody all your life, but sometimes, in some situations, you just don't know how they'd react.

What's FRIENDO™?

FRIENDO™ is a game that challenges your ability to guess how others will react in a given situation.

What's a "Case 'N Questions™"?

For every sitting of a game, one story, along with 5 related questions, is used. This item is known as a "Case 'N Questions™".

For example, the "Case 'N Questions™" titled "Winning in Las Vegas" puts all the players on vacation in Vegas. In one of the questions, it asks which table you'd go to - i.e. roulette, blackjack, etc - when you hit the casino.

"During FRIENDO™, when it's time for everybody to guess your answer for that question," says the creator, "the person who's known you long enough and well enough should know the answer."

He continues, "It's really a game about making friends, hence, the name FRIENDO™. If you play with a group of people you know, you can find out how well you really know each other. If you play with strangers, FRIENDO™ will quickly find your "soul mate".

What's so special about FRIENDO™?

FRIENDO™ brings people together....with the goal of bettering their understanding of each other. Through the Case 'N Questions™ (i.e. the story), players will get to know more about each other's likes and dislikes, preferences, etc.

As an online game, it’s great for bloggers, who should’ve gotten to know each other quite well from blogging. It’s a game where you can put your understanding of each other to the test in a gaming environment.

By playing it online, players can quickly learn the game without reading the rules. The computer will pretty much prompt you to roll the dice, guess an answer, etc. when it's your turn....everything goes automatic. The chat box to the left of the game board will print messages that tells the player what's going on. A short two page Quickguide ( is all you might want to read before getting started.

Last note....

Remember the young couple mentioned above? Had they played FRIENDO™ with the appropriate situation depicted (i.e. Case 'N Questions™), the husband would've gotten the right color Porsche.

About Bell & Newton Company Limited

Bell & Newton Company Limited is the creator and owner of all intellectual properties including, but not limited to, trademarks, copyrights and patents related to FRIENDO™ the boardgame. For further information contact Susan Young at 1.866.537.4363 or email You can also visit Click Play Online for a free multiplayer game.

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