A Just Released Glasgow Caledonian University Study Confirms Four out of Five Preschoolers are Wearing Shoes that are Damaging their Feet

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Tight shoes in the preschool years are very common, and unfortunately, tight shoes lead to foot problems later in age. A breakthrough invention by Preschoolians allows a parent to make sure shoes are never too tight.

Shocking results released in June of 2005 from a study conducted by the Glasgow Caledonian University reveal 83 percent of preschoolers are wearing shoes that are too small, despite the risk of serious, long-term damage associated with ill-fitting shoes.

Consultant Pediatric Podiatrist and lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University Gordon Watt says “many parents grossly underestimate the importance of looking after their child’s feet while they are growing.

“Unlike adult feet, children’s feet grow. The study showed that children’s feet were at serious risk because they were contained in an environment that restricted their growing feet. Children are born with relatively soft and flexible cartilage which gradually converts to bone with age. As they are growing, their feet are vulnerable to injury and deformity due to ill-fitting footwear.”

Preschoolians, maker of shoes for children birth to five years of age, has long recognized and agreed that tight shoes are the number one issue with children’s footwear.

Jeffrey Silverman, Founder, CEO of Preschoolians and shoe inventor, says “Unfortunately tight shoes are a 'silent' cause of feet problems. Young children can not tell us that their shoes are too tight and the age old method of pressing on toes does not work. Preschoolers curl their toes when their toes are pressed on making it seem that shoes are larger than they are.”

Two-thirds of American adults have problems with their feet by the time they reach middle age. According to the US Government, 95% of these problems are caused by tight shoes during the preschool years. Those reading this release must be wondering if we can put men on the moon, why can’t we solve this problem.

Preschoolians has solved this problem by inventing Visu-Fit, a clear panel on the bottom of its shoes, which allows a parent to see exactly how shoes fit. In fact, there are markers which show a parent where toes should be when the shoes are purchased and a line which is a reminder to start thinking about a new size.

Preschoolians will even send a parent an e-mail 13 weeks after purchase to remind the parent to check the size and make sure their child’s feet are safe. Preschoolians calls the e-mail the “healthy feet reminder” and gives parents a 10 percent discount to partner with them to make sure children’s feet are well cared for.

Glasgow Caledonian University, School of Health and Social Care, Division of Podiatry is based in Glasgow in the United Kingdom. View the results of the study at http://www.feetforlife.org/cgi-bin/item.cgi?id=872&d=11&h=24&f=46

Preschoolians is based in Westport, Connecticut and has the world’s largest selection of soft sole shoes for children. View Preschoolians at http://preschoolians.com or call 800-998-1322 for more information.

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