Authentium Announces Breakthrough in Real-Time Spyware Protection

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New Antispyware Technology Stops Spyware Processes Prior to Launch, Prevents Unauthorized Registry and File System Changes; Technology Will Be Available to End Users Via Software Developers & Network Operators.

Authentium, Inc., the world’s leading spyware technology aggregator and integrator, and developer of the Authentium ESP Extensible Security Platform, today announced the release of the world’s first “true” real-time spyware interception technology.

Unlike most other current spyware protection mechanisms claiming to be “real time”, which rely mostly on a monitoring system consisting of regularly scheduled spyware scans spaced several seconds apart, Authentium TSX actively identifies spyware prior to launch, eliminating the need for constant “clean up” and missed files. By closing down spyware prior to launch, Authentium TSX is also able to prevent the launch of malware designed to monitor operating system and user behavior, and stop crashes based on bad uninstalls.

“Authentium’s real-time TSX anti-spyware SDK is truly groundbreaking in terms of what it can offer mission-critical network designers, software developers, and end users”, said John Sharp, Chairman & CEO of Authentium. “Spyware is the fastest-growing threat to enterprise networks right now. Our “real time” spyware protection system enables end users and network administrators to detect and eradicate spyware before it even starts, drastically reducing vulnerabilities, cleanup cycles, and the hacker’s window of opportunity. Other systems can take up to ten seconds to do what we do instantly. We just narrowed the spyware writer’s window of opportunity to zero.”

Available as an Authentium ESP software development kit, Authentium TSX is based on Authentium’s patent-pending Trusted Security Extensions runtime library, developed by Authentium’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Helmuth Freericks, and Authentium’s VP of Trusted Applications, Mr. Oleg Kouznetsov, over a period of five years. Originally developed as an extensible “tool kit” for Authentium in-house application developers, Authentium TSX utilizes core data interception capabilities in use on millions of desktops and servers worldwide.

“Authentium TSX was originally designed as a data interception and analysis toolkit for security application developers”, said Mr. Freericks. “Our design philosophy was to encapsulate all aspects of computer security, from the kernel right through to the policy coordinator’s workstation. Using TSX, we can provide critical interfaces to external third party databases, engines, and tools. So it is only natural that we provide these tools to other software developers. I look forward to working with our developer partners in implementing our antispyware solutions inside their products.”

Unlike most companies offering spyware protection, Authentium offers fully-integrated modular security technology solutions from multiple “best of breed” vendors, including software from companies that at one time were competitors of Authentium. Authentium spyware partners include three of the four leading companies in the space.

“We expect our first customers to be our security software developer partners and are currently talking with several interested potential licensees”, added Mr. Freericks. “We are also interested in hearing from engineers working in mission-critical environments – there is a lot TSX can do to prevent unauthorized policy changes on the client, in addition to stopping spyware on the front end. We would like to ensure that the full potential of the technology is realized, and we look forward to working with our industry partners to put a stop to spyware, once and for all”.

About Authentium, Inc:

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Authentium develops core memory encapsulation, file and application defense, data interception and data analysis technologies for inclusion in its flagship Extensible Security Platform.

Authentium is the leading provider of security software development toolkits to independent software vendors, software publishers, and security appliance manufacturers, and one of the fastest-growing privately-held companies in the security software industry, providing services to more than 2,200 enterprise and government organizations, millions of ISP customers, and more than 25,000 education customers worldwide.

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