Tibetan Medicine May be the Answer to Alleviating Symptoms of Constipation

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Padma Lax, a Tibetan formula is now available to help with healthy digestion and regular elimination. A case study shows a distinct improvement using Padma Lax along with more roughage and fluids.

Constipation has an image problem. No one wants to talk about it yet everyone experiences it at one time or another. It is estimated that almost 50% of all individuals over the age of 65 years suffer from this condition, and it leads to considerable impairment of the quality of life. In addition, available medications that address this condition also have an image problem and are often viewed as harsh treatments. However, there is a revolutionary change taking place in terms of treatment options.

A recent case study conducted by Simon Feldhaus, M.D. demonstrates that the answer may lie in an ancient Tibetan formula incorporated into a nutritional supplement called Padma Lax. The study involved a 75-year-old woman suffering from chronically recurrent pain and gastrointestinal distress for over two years. The nature of the pain could not be precisely defined and was described as shooting or stabbing. Abdominal cramps, flatulence, a distended abdomen and irregular defecation with a marked tendency to constipation were also described. Apart from these symptoms, there were no previous illnesses or surgeries in the patient’s case history. Treatment included dietary advice which changed the patient over to a diet contain more roughage and fluids. Padma Lax was the only laxative used and with it came a distinct improvement. The symptoms had almost completely subsided within 6 weeks.

Isaac Eliaz, MD, an integrative physician in Northern California who also integrates Tibetan medicine into his practice recommends this product to his patients and believes that it is a gentle, natural way to regulate the gastrointestinal system: “Healthy digestion and regular elimination is one of the key components to health and wellness. It is a necessary component for maintaining one’s health and even a more important component when trying to recover from chronic illnesses.”

Medical experts say that it is not the infrequency of defecation alone that determines the severity of the condition, but also the side effects such as abdominal pain, bloating, increased passing of wind and the feeling of incomplete evacuation of the bowels. Constipation is in fact a mixture of symptoms that can be caused by the most varied pathogenic processes.

A working-group of the world gastroenterological organization Organization Mondiale de Gastro-Entérologie (OMGE), under the chairmanship of David Wingate, London stated in an article published in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, that very often, various different disturbing factors are involved, such as diverticulitis with”slow- transit constipation“. An increased amount of roughage in the diet does not necessarily help here – in fact it helps in only every second case. Additional aggravating factors can be that the patients sit down too much, take too little exercise and are overweight.

The article also suggests that because of the very different causes of constipation, it is useful and practical, especially in elderly patients, to treat the constipation primarily “ex juvantibus”. Here, preference should be given to a laxative that not only has a mild action, but also has a broad spectrum of action, which means that it can have a positive effect on the digestion at various levels. Padma Lax qualifies as such a treatment.

About Padma Lax

The carefully balanced combination of herbs in Padma Lax helps promote and maintain proper digestive function and enhanced regularity. It is a natural choice for the relief of temporary constipation, such as that caused by change of diet, travel or stress.

About EcoNugenics

EcoNugenics offers premium nutraceuticals and dietary supplements based on the best of western science integrated with the wisdom of traditional and complementary therapies. Isaac Eliaz, M.D., L.Ac., a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine since the early 1980’s, founded EcoNugenics. Dr. Eliaz is a respected author, lecturer, researcher and clinical practitioner. He has been awarded several patents for his unique product formulations.

EcoNugenics focuses on two basic lines of dietary supplements: products that enhance the immune system and products that promote health and wellness. Media contact Constance St. John, 415-454-2243 or connie@stjohnpr.com.

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