Scifeye LLC Set to Introduce Asset Tracking Technology

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New company forms to commercialize groundbreaking technology that adds free-space optical communication capabilities to CMOS imaging sensors

Scifeye LLC today introduced its patent pending technology, the Scifeye™ CMOS Imaging Sensor, to local investors and business leaders at the 2005 Greater Cincinnati Inventor’s Fair. The event marked the official public introduction of the new company and its asset tracking technology that adds free-space optical communication capabilities to CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) imaging sensors. When combined with CMOS imaging sensors found in most digital video cameras, Scifeye’s sensor enables the cameras to capture both the visual imagery of a scene while simultaneously receiving data from Scifeye’s object tags that communicate via high-speed pulses of infrared light.

While Scifeye has multiple potential applications, the technology will be initially deployed to solve asset tracking problems, primarily as a complement or alternative to radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies in situations where RF is problematic or inappropriate to implement.

“There are numerous industries, including maritime shipping, storage and manufacturing, currently using digital cameras and RFID for security and asset tracking that can benefit from Scifeye’s data communications,” said Chris Komnick, president and chief executive officer of Scifeye LLC. “There are situations where RFID is not a complete or effective solution, such as tracking of large metal objects or liquid filled objects that experience RF interference and signal deflection; security breaches, such as RF interception or jamming; or the presence of electro-magnetic interference. In these instances, Scifeye is an ideal alternative or complementary technology to RFID. We are excited about bringing this technology to the marketplace and are confident that by incorporating our unique infrared data communications technology into existing solutions, companies will have a more effective solution for tracking and securing assets.”

Scifeye™ can provide a distinct identification and simultaneous communication flow from multiple tags while overlaying that tracking information onto a live video feed. It can also be applied in situations where tagged objects need to report real-time status and monitoring information. The Scifeye™ technology can be augmented to the design specification of a standard CMOS imaging sensor with virtually no production cost differential when scaled to quantity.

Komnick added, “Our strategy is to pilot multiple implementations in order to quantify the value proposition in real-world scenarios. We will then leverage that information to find the appropriate product partners for licensing the design. The Scifeye technology is well-positioned to capitalize on the explosive growth and adoption of real-time location and asset tracking systems.”

The Scifeye™ technology was conceived and designed by Dr. Fred Beyette, Dr. Philip Wilsey, and Darryl Dieckman beginning in 2002. The optical communications technology was primarily funded through a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant and an Ohio Research Commercialization Grant Program (ORCGP). In July 2005, the technology will be presented for consideration to the U.S. Army, the acting agent for the SBIR grant.

About Scifeye LLC

Founded in May 2005, Scifeye is a privately owned technology company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company’s patent pending technology can be leveraged to solve problems in a variety of areas such as optically based networking, motion capture, vehicular control systems, interactive kiosks, and controlled broadcasts of consumer interest information. In June 2005, Scifeye introduced the Scifeye™ CMOS Imaging Sensor, which can be used to solve a variety of asset tracking problems. With Scifeye’s sensor, digital video cameras can capture both the visual imagery of a scene while simultaneously receiving data from object tags that communicate via high-speed pulses of infrared light. Scifeye is currently funded through an SBIR grant and Ohio Research Commercialization Grant. For more information on Scifeye, visit

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