US Law Enforcement Improves SpeechGuard™ PD-4

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Ectaco, Inc. responds to feedback from the law enforcement community and customizes their multilingual translation device accordingly. Speech recognition is improved significantly and more languages and dialects are available for ethnically diverse communities.

Ectaco, Inc., the world leader in the development of electronic dictionaries, translators and linguistic software, has introduced a quicker and more robust SpeechGuard™ PD-4. Law enforcement personnel speak into the unit resulting in phrases being instantly repeated in the language of their choice in a clear and audible tone. Linguists, programmers, designers and engineers collaborate to produce the most cost effective and high quality translation units on the market.

Two significant enhancements have been made as a result of the law enforcement community’s concerns. The speech recognition engine of SpeechGuard™ is now faster so users can immediately begin speaking into the device without delay. Target language output transpires in less than half a second after a phrase is spoken in English. Default languages have been expanded by two to include Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and Polish. PD-4 owners maintain the convenience of being able to customize languages and content at their discretion.

“If communication fails or is compromised, the agency is severely impaired in understanding the needs of the people and providing optimum services,” states Ectaco CEO David Lubinitsky. “Translation services by individuals are cost-prohibitive and sometimes unavailable, plus establishing competency is critical to achieving desired outcomes. Our units are accessible, adaptable, and programmed by a team of highly-skilled professionals. There are more than 50 languages agencies can choose from.”

“Communication is critical to documenting and delivering important information, such as explanation of a suspect’s Miranda rights,” notes Marketing VP Andrew Ageev. “Being able to verbally exchange information improves the quality of law enforcement provided to people of diverse cultures and linguistic backgrounds.”

Use of the unit serves as a powerful public relations tool, with people in ethnically diverse communities realizing their needs are being addressed. A non-English speaking person often feels intimidated in an unfamiliar environment where they only partially understand the intentions of police. The resulting situation can be frustrating for both the agency and the individual.

“Our customers always know their needs before we do,” adds Mr. Ageev, “and that’s why we have made significant changes with SpeechGuard™. We will continuously work with police departments to develop the PD-4 to keep up with the constant changes they undergo.”

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