The 21st Century Worldwide Renaissance; the Next Evolutionary Step in Democracy

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Not all is gloom and doom. If you search the WEB for Â?the peoples movementsÂ?, you will find thousands of nonprofit organizations and millions of people coming together to inform one another and demand truth and accountability from government officials, information providers, captains of industry and the leaders of the world. This is healthy democracy in actionÂ?good news to be told the world over.

(PRWEB) North Bergen, NJ – July 4, 2005 – A nonprofit organization with an eye on the future has launched a family of websites to prove that, thanks to the Internet, a global social phenomenon which they describe as “the 21st Century Worldwide Renaissance” is occurring now, and they want to spread their message to the people on the streets, so they don’t lose hope regardless of the bad news. As they see it, the WEB is bursting with new knowledge, increasing social awareness, and nonstop civic action; and this is ushering in a new renaissance far greater than the Italian European Renaissance of 600+ years ago.

According to Miriam Andujar and Kevin Moreland, founders and editors of, this is not a top-down renaissance funded by the Powers That Be on a mission to help the whole of humanity. Instead, this is a bottom-up renaissance of the people, by the people, for the people. It is emerging from millions and millions of regular folks with no special agendas or money strings to pull, all coming together on a mission to discover the truths they don’t know, understand and help solve the world’s most urgent problems, and create a better future for today’s people and generations to come. This is a renaissance of democracy and the power of the people.

For the skeptics Miriam explains that nothing like this has ever happened and that this is possible today only through the marvels of Internet technology put to good use. She points out that a simple web search for “social justice”, “democracy movement”, “environmental movement”, “peace movements”, “world peace”, “activists” or “alternative news”, will yield more proof than anyone would probably read.

But she adds that this emerging renaissance is not just about democracy, social justice, protection of our natural environment, and peace around the globe. It includes all areas of human endeavor and all dimensions of human experience. It questions everything we think we know about our history, life, the Cosmos, and even our beliefs about God.

For more proof, Miriam suggests a search on the web for “new sciences and technologies”, “discoveries and inventions”, “alternative sources of energy”, “quantum physics”, “the new cosmology”, “new renaissance”, and “spiritual renaissance”— get ready for thousands of links revealing an ongoing world transformation unlike anything in recorded history.

This new renaissance is truly worldwide, all inclusive, and multidimensional.

This is the big story that Miriam and Kevin are trying to capture and reflect in their family of websites. They invite you to join them in their self-educational journey and to help usher in the 21st Century Worldwide Renaissance they see coming our way, which they hope will be the Next Evolutionary Step in Democracy.

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