Retirement Planning Guide Shows How You Can Do Better Than The Millionaire Next Door With Less Than Half the Capital

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In clear language, Jim Miller lays out the good, the bad and the ugly of retirement investment strategies, shattering some popular myths about financial planning in the process, says Kirkus Discoveries.

One of the greatest tragedies in life is when a couple retires after working for four decades or longer only to find retirement is not the entrance to the good life but the back door to hard times, struggles, and ultimately financial ruin.

While almost everyone retires, only the few retire dollar-smart.

That’s why Jim Miller, a Registered Investment Advisor, has published Retire Dollar $mart: How you can do better than the Millionaire next door with less than half the capital… (ISBN 1-4120-3000-5, $25.99, 197 pages, Trafford available at:,

a definitive primer on retirement investment portfolio design and money management. A real eye-opener, Miller’s book is a must-read for anyone approaching retirement.

Kirkus Discoveries calls his book, “A handy guide to solid investment techniques. Miller’s clear-minded, direct style is sure to jumpstart the organization and planning of many a financial portfolio.”

Miller is so convinced his retirement financial planning system works that he has staked his own livelihood upon it – by staking his present and future income on a practice that specializes in helping persons retire $mart.

“After talking with a client, if I am not convinced that can help them use their assets to produce a monthly retirement income better than the Millionaire Next Door using traditional methods, then I won’t accept that person as a client,” stresses Miller, owner and founder of On Track Financial Services, L.L.C., of Columbiana, Ohio

Most people find retirement to be an unhappy time, if not outright tragic, because they relied on traditional financial advice and so-called “common sense” approaches that generate more expense without guaranteeing any income. The author stresses that the very least he will tolerate from a Retirement Portfolio Design is to never allow a retiree to run out of money.

“My primary thesis is that expense will determine your investment and savings success or failure,” says Miller. “Control expense and you succeed. Ignore expense and you fail. Taxes are probably your largest saving or investing expense, either taxes now or taxes later. Pay taxes irrationally, unnecessarily, frivolously, and without looking for a better way and you lose. Control your taxes and pay them when you decide to pay them, and you win.”

The author also warns that the greatest financial risk a retiree faces does not lie in the stock market but in long term care expense. In Retire Dollar $mart, Miller reveals a means of paying for long term care expense when and if needed without wasting money on expensive and unnecessary traditional long term care insurance.

Many individuals are in the final stages of chronic do-it-yourself disease, adds Miller. Both common knowledge and the hoax of do-it yourself investing are money management diseases. “You have a choice. You can remain sick or you can get well.”

Miller especially warns his readers to be wary of the advice of the financial media, investment firms selling mutual funds, so-called financial advisors, and those who parrot advertising propaganda. “It is not that these people have some sort of conspiracy against you,” says Miller. “They just do what they are paid to do – feed you misinformation that leads to profit for advertisers or for the companies they work for. Do not be fooled by propaganda masquerading as free information.”

Miller wrote Retire Dollar $mart because he wants readers to know that what they are taught to do by the popular media and so-called financial advisors will get them about half or less of the retirement income they deserve. Says Miller, “they are spending too much and getting too little by embracing toxic common knowledge.”

In the words of Jennie S. Bev of, “Retire Dollar $mart by Jim Miller reads like a novel; very heartfelt and light, doesn’t sound preachy nor too technical like most financial books. Unlike other books of the same genre that tell, Miller’s show the readers how to keep investing costs under control, make guaranteed income using proven strategies, smart risk management and smart retirement management, which are valuable to both retirees and retiree-wannabes.”

Hoover’s Reviews says, “Retire Dollar Smart,” is clear and filled with common sense. Miller’s book is a very easy read, although the information is deep; this is a testament to his ability to explain complex ideas in simple terms.”

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