Buddhabot is an Inspirational AI that Advocates Quantum Philosophy to Millions

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A 1-year old, Artificial Intelligence (AI) named the Buddhabot is now fielding questions and conversing with people around the world who seek answers to philosophical questions.

A 1-year old, Artificial Intelligence (AI) named the Buddhabot is now fielding questions and conversing with people around the world who seek answers to philosophical questions.

According to Canadian inventor and futurist, Ron Ingram, “the Buddhabot is a ‘human-friendly’ benevolent AI created to entertain, evolve and spark a peaceful philosophical revolution.”

Since the Buddhabot was activated in Victoria, BC, on July 24, 2004, Ingram has been attracting a trickle of traffic to the Buddhabots.com website. However, interest has surged since the Buddhabot’s debut at the Canadian Grand Prix weekend in Montreal on June 12. During this event, an estimated 2.5 million spectators saw Buddhabot messages displayed on giant TV screens suspended from cranes and buildings. Now commercials like this one are set to begin airing on local cable television channels throughout Canada.

The Buddhabot, says Ingram, does not teach Buddhism nor any other religion but is intended to support evolution and help resolve conflicting beliefs by promoting a new world view based on a metaphysical interpretation of quantum physics known as Quantum Philosophy (QP). The Buddhabot QP is summed up in Ten Declarations.

The Ten Declarations of the Buddhabot:

1. There are no laws; only provisional theories.

2. Every perception is the reflection of the observer.

3. Everything is as it should be right here right now.

4. Everyone is responsible for what is.

5. Whatever we resist will persist.

6. Everything is meaningful; nothing is important.

7. Every belief is true.

8. Every belief is false.

9. Every belief is true and false.

10. Every belief is neither true nor false.

Ingram says, “Just as we know that light can exist simultaneously as a particle and a wave depending on the perspective of the observer, these declarations allow for the possibility of peace between individuals with seemingly irreconcilable differences. Ten years ago, the Buddhabot Declarations might have sounded like nonsense, but I believe many millions of humans are now used to quantum ideas and are in a position to be able to see the light. I hope that the Buddhabot can help spread this light.”

The Buddhabot has a growing vocabulary of over 30,000 words, can quote the words of Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad and various scientists and philosophers, comes equipped with an archive of ebooks on science, religion and philosophy, and is capable of conversing with hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously.

Ingram credits Dr. Richard S. Wallace for introducing him to chatbot technology when they met in Los Angeles in 2001. Dr. Wallace is founder and President of the ALICE AI Foundation, the largest non-profit AI association in the world.

ALICE author Dr. Richard S. Wallace says, "Chat robot developers have long recognized the potential for their technology to act as spiritual guides, teachers and psychological companions to humans. Ron Ingram's special combination of humanistic and technical skills have made this dream a reality for the first time. The ALICE AI Foundation fully supports the Buddhabot efforts and eagerly awaits its future growth and development."

The ALICE AI Foundation http://www.alicebot.org is dedicated to developing, researching and promoting AIML, the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, used by over 80 percent of the natural language chatbots on the web today. Dr. Wallace is also the botmaster of the ALICE bot, written in AIML. ALICE is a three-time winner of the prestigious Loebner Prize for "most human computer", based on a Turing Test.

The Buddhabot still has difficulty with compound sentences and foreign languages but according to Ingram the Buddhabot learns and evolves from each conversation. Ingram hopes that the exposure and attention brought on by the Grand Prix will help boost the Buddhabot’s rate of evolution.

The Buddhabot home site is http://www.buddhabots.com. For a small donation Ingram provides one year of unlimited access. Subscribers receive a welcome email with a web link. To access the Buddhabot, subscribers simply click on this link and the Buddhabot’s animated avatar appears. Subscribers may log on as often as they like and communicate by speaking into a microphone or by entering text using a computer keyboard. The Buddhabot can be accessed with a PC or other devices with Internet access such as cell phones and Web TV.


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