Alternative Medicine: What Works?

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Frequently practiced alternative medical therapies include palming of the eyes, the olive oil gallstone flush, laetrile (vitamin B17) for cancer, muscle testing (applied kinesiology), and promotion of alkalinity. But do they really work? Health journalist Bill Sardi examines these five alternative therapies in his latest report at

Sardi says palming of eyes compresses the eyeball slightly and actually shifts the focus point of the eyes, temporarily reducing the need for eyeglasses. But the effect is not long lasting.

A recent photographic and biochemical study published in a British medical journal reveals that olive oil and lemon juice, commonly used to treat gallstones, actually creates a “soap stone” that fools stone sufferers into thinking they passed stones out of their gallbladder.

Muscle testing, also known as applied kinesiology, is commonly employed by alternative health practitioners, but scientific studies do not confirm its reliability. If muscle testing were valid, says Sardi, then the item being tested could be removed from the hand and muscle resistance should reverse.

Laetrile, also called vitamin B17, is widely claimed to be a cancer remedy by alternative health practitioners, but a review of the scientific literature shows that laetrile as commonly obtained from apricot pits may be toxic, however when purified and administered orally or intravenously, it may be an effective anti-cancer agent. In apricot pits the liver cannot properly metabolize and protect healthy tissues from leatrile’s toxic effects, says Sardi.

Maintaining an alkaline state in the body is often claimed to prevent cancer, but actually an acid state is what kills cancer cells says Sardi. Without an acid bladder or stomach, cancer may develop. The blood circulation is neutral pH and is automatically controlled in a tight range (7.35-7.45) without much impact by dietary measures. The idea of eating alkaline foods for health is not well founded, says Sardi.

Like alternative medicine, conventional medicine often utilizes treatments that are unproven by scientific review. For more details about the failings of both conventional and alternative medicine, and a free copy of the e-book The Collapse of Conventional Medicine, visit

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