Hot Pepper Nasal Spray Combats Drowsy Driving For Fourth of July Travelers

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With Fourth of July fast approaching, record numbers of drivers are expected to be on the roads this weekend, and many of them will be fallng asleep at the wheel. Until recently, the only tools for combating "driver's fatigue" were caffeine, Red Bull and pulling over for a quick catnap, but this year tired drivers can add old fashioned hot peppers to the list.

Over the past 18 months, Sinus Buster hot pepper nasal spray has built a remarkable reputation. It’s considered by thousands of sufferers to be an important breakthrough for relieving a variety of chronic sinus, allergy and headache conditions. This completely natural supplement has also been embraced by more than a thousand medical professionals as a safe alternative to both prescription and OTC nasal sprays. Now it seems this sizzling hot pepper nasal spray may also combat a condition known as Drowsy Driving.

A new study shows Sinus Buster hot pepper nasal spray to be effective against more than mere sinus problems. According to the study's findings, Sinus Buster may also be an effective natural alternative to caffeine based energy supplements.

The study conducted by the Immunity institute of Finland, showed Sinus Buster to be a highly effective and safe energy booster. Unlike traditional stimulants, Sinus Buster’s active ingredient, Capsaicin (the active ingredient in hot peppers) does not artificially speed up the heart or raise blood pressure. In fact, Capsaicin in the form of hot peppers is highly recommended by cardiologists as an effective way to prevent blood clots and promote healthy blood flow.

Furthermore, Capsaicin stimulates the nervous system thus forcing the body to release natural endorphins which prduce a burst of energy and incredible mental alertness. When taken through intranasal means (nasal spray), this effect is instant and quite powerful. Most importantly, Sinus Buster does not contain any added stimulants and it’s also safe for pregnant women.

Characterized as a “Sociobiological Research Experiment”, the Institute’s study was based on a group of 100 people. The volunteers ranged from age (23 – 85 years) with 56% being males and 44% females. The product was issued to people who had been diagnosed with the following conditions: migraine headaches, sinus infections, allergies and interestingly enough – lack of energy.

The volunteers were each given three bottles of Metered Dose Sinus Buster, and directed to use it as needed and on a regimented program three times daily. Although no clinical controls were in place, each participant was instructed to chronicle their usage over a two month period. Upon completion of the trial, all participants were given detailed surveys to fill out. Once the surveys were returned, staffers followed up with phone interviews to back up the volunteer’s conclusions. Over all, Sinus Buster boasted a 93% success rate when volunteers were asked “Did the product have any healing or recuperative effect on your well being?”

Even more importantly, Sinus Buster was also found to increase energy levels with 8 out of 10 subjects who each reported a lasting and “significant boost” without experiencing the side effects of chemical stimulants such as caffeine. In fact, 83% of the participants reported a notable increase of energy and alertness directly related to their Sinus Buster usage.

A whopping 80% of the volunteers also reported using Sinus Buster to effectively combat fatigue while driving. Oddly enough, 65% of the participants also reported that Sinus Buster helped them sleep better -- this is probably due to the fact that they were able to breathe easier as a result of the Capsaicin and Eucalyptus.

Drowsy driving is considered a major problem on American roadways accounting for more fatalities per accident than even drunk driving. Furthermore, half of all drivers admit to falling asleep at the wheel at least once. Now with Fourth of July weekend fast approaching, estimates predict record numbers of drivers on the road this year, and many opportunities to fall asleep at the wheel. Until recently, the only proven methods for fighting fatigue were caffeine pills, Red Bull and pulling over for a short catnap. Fortunately you now can add “Hot Pepper Nasal Spray” to that list too.

To find out more about Sinus Buster, the world’s first and only hot pepper nasal spray -- ask for it at a pharmacy or health food store near you. For a list of stores in your area, or to purchase Sinus Buster directly, visit the company website at ( Samples are available for verified media and medical personnel upon request.


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