Esthetic Accents Breaks New Ground: Architectural Stained Glass for a Flat World

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Esthetic Accents Serves Growing Architectural Glass Market by Understanding the Future is already Here. Outsourced manufacturing, mass-customization and web-connected customer channel shoten time-to-market by months, at 1/3rd the cost of other methods.

As Thomas Friedman tells us in his new book, The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century, the world isn't going to be flat, it is flat. By "flat" he means "connected" in ways no would could have imagined a few scant years ago. The world of architecture and design, especially in relation to architectural glass is flattening too--and Esthetic Accents is leading the way.

A model example of this sort of “flattening” is the collaboration between Esthetic Accents and its Chinese manufacturing associates. With the lower costs and greater efficiencies made possible by this sort of international cooperation, early stage companies like EA can quickly ramp up to compete--and win--not just for low-cost manufacturing and information labor but, increasingly, for high-end research and design work as well.

Leveraging new opportunities for doing business abroad to serve both domestic and international markets, EA has already become the leader in manufacturing and supplying mass-customized architectural stained glass worldwide.

Using state-of-the-art techniques for fabricating mass customized, highly durable stained glass products, EA has partnered with manufacturing facilities in China to introduce to a growing market mass produced glass that has the look and variety of glass previously only available from artisans in quantities an artisan could never match.

Despite the large quantities needed to serve the needs of a burgeoning market, Esthetic Accents stained glass is custom designed for each customer, whether an individual homeowner or a large corporation.

Mary Spear, the CEO of Esthetic Accents, said, “We did a thorough cost analysis that made it clear to us that we could ship directly from our Chinese manufacturing center without the need for employing a large and costly distribution center. This made us an international player overnight without the extensive and burdensome infrastructure. In addition it is truly remarkable that the entire process, from the time an order is submitted until it reaches the customer can be completed within 90 days.”

Another innovation that made accelerated distribution possible was the use of smaller containers and shared loads. No longer is it necessary to use a 40-forty-foot container for a small order, which is too expensive to be profitable. With 20-foot containers or sharing the use of the 40-footers with other vendors, multiple transfers are possible and because there is less handling required, there is less breakage and loss. In fact, it is now possible to ship products directly from overseas to a customer more inexpensively than it is to ship goods cross-country.

Poised for success in a growing international marketplace, Esthetic Accents is thriving in a world that is flat and getting flatter every day.

About Esthetic Accents Esthetic Accents design professionals combine personalized service and the convenience of the Internet to provide excellent customer service nation-wide. Our online showroom and design center, toll free number and knowledgeable design staff make navigating through the design process straightforward and enjoyable. Esthetic Accents leverages the power of the Internet by accessing PRWeb’s Online Visibility Engine, making easier for interested parties to learn about its breakthrough custom architectural stained glass technology.

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