Leading CPA Firm Implements FileTrail’s File Management Solutions to Manage Its Client Records

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FileTrail, Inc. makes file management and tracking simple and inexpensive for one of Southern California's largest accounting firms.

FileTrail, Inc., a leading provider of software for tracking and managing records, announced today that Grobstein, Horwath & Company LLP (GHC), one of Southern California’s largest certified public accounting firms, implemented FileTrail’s records management solution in January 2005 to manage its active and inactive client records. GHC decided to use FileTrail because their operations were plagued by an inefficient filing system that was costing significant amounts of time and money.

Before implementing FileTrail, GHC had four different file rooms from which thousands of files were being accessed. These files were either organized by client number, or they were arranged in alphabetical order. Using two different filing systems made file management a laborious process for GHC. In addition, lack of controls meant staff spent a lot of time trying to locate files. In desperate need of an efficient and user-friendly file management method, GHC turned to FileTrail’s Web-based tracking and management system.

As one of the largest certified public accounting firms in Southern California, GHC provides its clients with accounting, tax, and a wide range of specialized financial services. GHC has a great responsibility to keep its clients’ files well managed and organized. By implementing FileTrail, staff are now able to search and locate client files in a matter of seconds. In addition, the tracking discipline has eliminated lost files and the time that used to be wasted in door-to-door searches.

GHC chose to use FileTrail’s Hosted Solution to reduce initial capital outlay and lower the Cost of Administration. In a Hosted Solution the FileTrail application and database reside on a server in FileTrail’s data center, and are maintained and serviced by FileTrail staff.

“By choosing FileTrail's hosting solution, we avoided having to expand our IT infrastructure to accommodate an in-house hosting option,” said Josh Teeple, Director of Litigation Technology Services.

GHC has realized many basic benefits from using their FileTrail system. Professional staff save time with powerful search tools that help them locate and retrieve records quickly. Many of the clerical processes of creating and labeling new folders, boxing and archiving old records, etc., are streamlined, saving time and money. Also, FileTrail’s SelfCheck tool has allowed GHC to keep its file rooms open without having to staff them.

FileTrail helped GHC implement new standards and practices to improve efficiency and accuracy. Standardized color coded labels were created for folders and binders. “Best Practices” were established for many processes related to handling client work. Also, FileTrail’s FTSynchronize integrates with GHC’s Practice Management System to keep client information up-to-date and in-synch.

FileTrail was easy to implement. The Web interface is familiar to people who access popular ecommerce sites at home, like Amazon and eBay. Thus, little training was required. In addition, customer-specific configuration of FileTrail eased staff through the change.

“The flexibility inherent in FileTrail gives us the ability to create custom fields to more accurately reflect the nature of our records,” said Teeple.

Since implementing FileTrail all of GHC’s client files and binders have been color coded and organized by client code. Every employee can access FileTrail from their desks or client sites. This easy access allows employees to search for files, find their locations, and retrieve them without a long, exhaustive search. Staff easily check files in and out using the bar code scanner in the file room and FileTrail’s SelfCheck process.

“FileTrail has virtually eliminated those e-mails that go around asking people to find files,” said CPA, Josh Teeple. “People, for the most part, know where everything is at any given time.”

All and all, FileTrail has provided GHC with an efficient and user-friendly records management system that has saved the firm large amounts of time and money.

“It has been a real pleasure doing business with FileTrail’s staff,” said GHC partner, Howard B. Grobstein. “Their expertise, professionalism, and sense of customer service eased our firm’s transition to a bar coding system and made us feel comfortable about committing to a significant change in our firm’s culture.”

About FileTrail, Inc.

FileTrail, Inc. is headquartered in San Jose, California, and is a leading provider of Enterprise Records and Information Management (ERIM) software for tracking and managing records. It offers RFID, bar coding, and color coding systems to firms that need help with managing their files. Companies that use FileTrail’s technology are able to automate their records handling, automate their manual tasks, streamline their processes across the organization, and leverage existing ERP and mission system investments to eliminate data entry and replicate existing data standards. FileTrail’s technology allows companies to improve processing efficiency, reduce back office operating costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve staff member service. For more information on FileTrail, visit http://www.filetrail.com.

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