Independence Day from eBay

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Users declare the new utopia for fraud-free buying and selling. Built in payment processing, free ads and self-escrow spell success for the new site with a big idea.

Question: Who needs another marketplace when giants like Ebay and rule the online world?

Answer: Anyone who’s ever been ripped off by a devious seller, cashed a bad check or money order from a dishonest buyer, or just plain avoided the risk of shopping online altogether.

All big ideas start out small. At least that’s what the people at ClassifiedBuyers believe. How else can you explain the big excitement over a new online marketplace that’s breaking every rule in the book?

“Buyers and sellers should be able to complete transactions safely, and not pay a premium for the privilege,” says David Humphrey, President of ClassifiedBuyers. “Why should you have to pay extra for protection? Our system keeps everyone honest so ‘bad apples’ can’t make a profit.”

This novel idea works in a very big way, thanks to the built-in process that screens and holds the buyer’s money in escrow until the item is received. All transactions take place right on the site – not via email, telephone or money order, where fraud is rampant. So far, users are catching on, and thanks to an aggressive grassroots campaign, registrations, ad postings and transactions are increasing daily.

The team at ClassifiedBuyers says that the system all but eliminates fraud, citing multiple cases of scammers stopped dead in their tracks. Could it be that the days of misrepresentation, non-delivery and receipt of stolen goods are gone? One user, Nicole Lomonaco, thinks so. “I love having control over my money from start to finish. When I buy something on CB, I know I’ll get what I expected -- and won’t get ripped-off. My money is safe.”

What about sellers? Apparently, they like ClassifiedBuyers, too. Since its official launch in January, the site has managed to attract some pretty big sellers, including “BuyEssex”, a major Ebay powerseller that says they enjoy the new payment system because it keeps fraudulent sellers from ripping off potential buyers and undercutting prices.

“ClassifiedBuyers intrigued us because we can list our entire inventory for free, provide our buyers with peace of mind, and not have to worry about scammers driving down prices.”

What does the future hold for ClassifiedBuyers? Big success. “Users are spreading the news that they don’t need to pay extra for posting, payment and protection,” says Jeff Grant, Director of Sales. “They’re finding out that they can have freedom from fraud and fees – CB is a better way than Ebay.”


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