Improve Fuel Mileage with PetroSave’s Ultimate Fuel Saver Caplets

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PetroSave has developed a caplet formula for the Ultimate Fuel Saver, a fuel conditioner that will improve fuel mileage and help the engine last longer when used regularly.

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PetroSave, LLC has developed a fuel conditioner that will improve fuel mileage, enhance vehicle performance, and alleviate unwanted engine repairs. Dubbed the Ultimate Fuel Saver, PetroSave’s fuel conditioner is now available in easy-to-use caplets, in addition to a liquid formula for commercial applications.

PetroSave’s Ultimate Fuel Saver fuel conditioner caplet is a fuel additive that dissolves completely in regular grade gasoline and diesel fuel. It has been engineered to improve fuel mileage and reduce hydrocarbon emissions for business and personal vehicles. The Ultimate Fuel Saver fuel conditioner caplet is a combustion catalyst, which means it helps deliver a more complete burn of fuel. Independent trials have shown the fuel conditioner caplet to improve fuel mileage by up to 30 percent.

The benefits of using PetroSave’s Ultimate Fuel Saver fuel conditioner have been demonstrated in both laboratory and road studies to:

     •    Increase octane and engine power

     •    Reduce exhaust emissions

     •    Reduce combustion chamber deposits

     •    Improve fuel mileage

     •    Act as a lead substitute

     •    Prevent valve recession

To learn more about how to improve fuel mileage or other benefits of PetroSave’s Ultimate Fuel Saver fuel conditioner caplet or to place an order and begin improving fuel mileage immediately, visit or call toll-free 877-738-7078.

About PetroSave, LLC

PetroSave, LLC is committed to manufacturing and distributing state-of-the-art products designed to enhance the performance and improve fuel mileage of gasoline and diesel powered engines of all kinds. PetroSave, LLC is dedicated to informing people around the world that there is technology available to them that will improve fuel mileage, reduce fuel consumption, and reduce harmful exhaust emissions by nearly one hundred percent, and are determined to create an international distribution network to not only individual consumers but also to government agencies, public transportation agencies, school districts, and commercial businesses that have large fleets of motor vehicles or marine vessels to help improve the environment worldwide.

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