The Clinton Book that Conservatives Can Embrace

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Publisher says that while conservatives are distancing themselves from Ed KleinÂ?s racy "The Truth About Hillary," they are embracing "Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine" for its hard-hitting and factual analysis.

The New York Times is reporting that a growing number of conservatives have distanced themselves from Ed Klein’s new book "The Truth About Hillary," citing concerns over its salacious content and reliance on anonymous sources. But in contrast to the reaction to Klein's book, right-wing commentators are cozying up to another newly released and hard-hitting title about Bill and Hillary Clinton -- "Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine" by Candice E. Jackson -- claims conservative publisher World Ahead.

Since its release last week, Klein's book has come under fire from commentators across the spectrum -- including conservatives -- for its lurid claim that Chelsea Clinton was conceived when Bill raped Hillary, as well as for raising questions about Hillary's sexuality. World Ahead contrasts this with the enthusiasm conservatives and libertarians alike have shown for the forceful but factual look at the Clintons' alleged abuses of power in "Their Lives."

"Turning Hillary Clinton into a victim by publishing outrageous claims could backfire and strengthen her candidacy in 2008," warns author Jackson, a libertarian and formerly a lawyer for Judicial Watch. "This would be ironic given all that Bill and Hillary have done over the years to the women who got in their way, including threats, smears, and intimidation. Hillary has shown what lengths she'll go to in order to protect her political power -- her real deeds are far more disturbing than the tawdry speculation Klein is spreading."

Many conservative pundits are echoing the libertarian author's sentiments. Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan writes that Klein's "sensational charges will...inoculate [Hillary] against future and legitimate criticism and revelations." Republican pollster and former Clinton advisor Dick Morris lectures that Klein's "accusations do not belong in our public dialogue." Outspoken talk radio host Michael Savage is said to have called the rape allegation an "outrage." And longtime Clinton critic Lucianne Goldberg, publisher of, told an Italian news agency that the book is "trash" and predicts it "will not stop Hillary’s run [for the Presidency]."

The reaction by conservatives to Jackson’s book "Their Lives" -- called the missing chapters to Bill Clinton's "My Life" -- has been decisively more positive. Noted author and commentator David Horowitz says, "Candice Jackson has…done all of us a service. This book connects the political to the personal in a way no one has done before." Influential conservative magazine Human Events says that "Jackson offers the reader considerably more than another litany of allegations." And, in a sharp departure from her criticism of Klein's book, Lucianne Goldberg praises "Their Lives" for "fill[ing] in the gaping holes left in Bill Clinton's presidential memoirs. Candice E. Jackson's moving accounts...are a call for all women to unite to prevent another Clinton from seizing the White House."

"Hillary Clinton was the heart and soul of the Clinton political attack machine," claims Jackson, who is a rape survivor. "She played an active role in the efforts to cover up her husband's actions and used her power to smear the women who got in their way. Whether it was using private investigators to intimidate political liabilities, sending hired muscle to threaten potential witnesses, or even just using the IRS to punish your opponents, which my research suggests Hillary and Bill did.

"Klein's book is making Hillary look sympathetic," Jackson adds, "and this risks making her into a so-called 'victim' of a smear campaign, strengthening her already considerable presidential prospects."

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