Hotter Than the 5th of July! Mural Solutions, LLC Takes Industry Lead with Revolutionary Multi-Matching Wall Decor Kits for Home or Commercial Use

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"The essence of all design is coordination. Period. When a critical accent such as a wall border fails to reflect derivative strength of the central-theme Painting, such accents become hindrances to the design balance of the room. Therefore, a new-generation derivative fine-art which can transform print technology itself is necessary define the 21st Century Science of Interior Design. Simply put: We prove that." - D.B. Keller, Exec. Dir. Mural Solutions(tm), LLC, Fairlawn, OH, USA

It was almost too much to believe at first: The design world had not yet taken the fundamental step to use creative detail (vs. postcard repeat) from a derivative original fine-art source as direct-matching coordinated wall accents throughout the room.

Ironically, wallcovering manufacturing competition itself has actually prevented a single-source solution; i.e., the need for one-stop, fully-coordinated wall art with the simplicity of selecting a poster, (hence, no one has properly 'told a story' with what they have.)

"We help both consumer or professional to bold new creative levels with a complete decorative-design theming system in one convenient box. Making it easier for (store) buyers, in turn, makes it easier for the Customer. We sell precisely what is needed first; a properly balanced, beautiful visual starting point," says D.B. Keller, Co-Founder & Exec. Dir., Mural Solutions, LLC.


"In all fairness, we couldn't call our spectacular wall trim mere 'borders'; we prove that to be both a consumer and industry-limitation word now. ScrollWorx(tm) custom wall trim is available in unique 4-1/2' x 9', lightweight, yet durable Signature-Starter Worksheets, completely trim-ready and 10 oz. scissor-friendly for the true do-it-yourself-er marketplace.

Our ScrollWorx(tm) Worksheets are so versatile and unique they can be directly displayed and framed 'flag-style' as an uncut super sheet of contemporary wall art, or hand-cut, pasted and installed as custom- coordinated ScrollWorx wall trim. As a perfect finishing touch, both Worksheet title and artist facsimile signature appear in 'virtual' pencil to further authenticate product versatility, giving the customer unprecedented display options and control."

ABOUT SCROLLWORX(tm): The Art of Gift Wrapping Your Home

ScrollWorx(tm) wall accents are design-matching excerpts from our exclusive open-end production Mural and giclée Poster art; a formula so critical to both industry and consumer, Mural Solutions ScrollWorx(tm) carries a full patent pending.

No more 'endless options' texture books. No more wasted time guesswork-matching. No more, "either stripes or flowers" institutional-display look.

VOILA! Our exclusive Solution Suites(tm) provide personalized color-design balance you need to really start creating, right out of the box.

Exclusive ScrollWorx(tm) decorative wall trim retains all the integrity of our exclusive fine-art when select sections reveal elegant Abstract patterns for both Vertical and/or Horizontal use. Abstract designs from a Realism source?

INSIGHT: The Mural Solutions Advantage:

Mural Solutions directly accommodates critical needs of art for larger new home markets with re-scalable options most commercial galleries have not yet fully addressed, via our innovative Personal-Scale 4-1/2 ft. x 5 ft. (Vertical) or 4-1/2 ft. x 6 ft. (Horizontal) Portable Mural format. Mural may be conventionally bonded to wall, or unique Personal-Scale allows portability feature; i.e., personalized mural art in frameable sizes you can take with you when, or if you move.

Mural Solutions' ScrollWorx(tm) are available in choice of Classic or Abstract patterns providing dramatic visual effects for extended hallways, curved living room space and lofts, or as extraordinary eye-catching themes for commercial installations.

"No one else offers as many innovative functional variations from a single-artist studio. We have over 500 designated works slated for release, having recently acquired exclusive rights to the extraordinary Lowell S.V. Devin Superfolio of new American art.

Our super-elegant "Air Castles"(tm) co-matching prints are destined to become the Fabergé standard of the poster world; a must-have for the consummate collector and an instant conversation starter in any room," adds Keller.


Each original-art image represents one of 12 Theme Groups: Maritime, Landscape, Travel & Tourism, Fantasy/Children's, Ballet, Sports, Religious & Literary, Wildlife, Portraiture, Formula One & GT, as well as Society & Culture, featuring the "Travels of the Lady in White" Fashion series.

Mural Solutions exclusive Personal-Scale Portable murals

are available in 4-1/2 x 5 ft. (Vertical) and 4-1/2 x 6 ft. (Horizontal) sizes. (Complete single-piece murals vs. outdated grid-matching paper squares)

Mural Solutions' products are available as a "Basic Solution Suite Starter Kit",or purchased independently as a "Build Your Own Solution Suite". Choice of precision-matching, "Air Castles" Exhibition poster (24" x 30"), Classic-scale poster (18" x 24"), Collector mini-print (8" x 10"), Personal-scale (4-1/2' x 5' or 4-1/2' x 6') portable Mural, or ScrollWorx(tm) custom-matching wall trim accents.

Mural Solutions: Custom-Coordinated Interior Design Wall Decor in a Box!

V.L. Martin, Co-Founder & CEO, Mural Solutions, LLC

David B. Keller, Co-Founder & Exec. Dir.

P. O. Box 13133, Fairlawn, OH 44334 USA

Tele: 330-612-3377

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Mural Solutions(tm), ScrollWorx(tm) and Air Castles(tm) are registered trademarks of

Mural Solutions, LLC, and are protected under international copyright laws and conventions.

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