Customer Care Expert JoAnna Brandi Adds 'Happiness' to Her Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty Building Strategies

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Customer Care expert JoAnna Brandi is one of only 1000 students trained by the "Father of Positive Psychology," Martin Seligman, Ph.D., in the "science of happiness." The goal is for the students to apply and teach what they learned with Dr. Seligman in their own professional fields. Brandi intends to use her new skills in helping companies increase their success with employee engagement and customer loyalty efforts.

Customer Care expert JoAnna Brandi has announced that she has completed her studies with Martin Seligman, Ph.D., a pioneer in the study of happiness who's also known as the "Father of Positive Psychology." Brandi was one of only 1000 students trained worldwide by Seligman to take his work on the "science of happiness" out beyond the academic community. Seligman's goal was to teach his cutting edge thinking and strategies to people from different industries so that they, in turn, could bring what they learned into their fields.

Brandi will use her new expertise to assist her customer care clients in achieving greater customer satisfaction and customer loyalty by supporting their employees at a deeper level. She explains, "If you work backwards from the goals of creating happy, loyal, returning customers who make you profitable, where do you wind up? You land squarely on the employees, of course.

"There's increasing proof of the link between employees who are happy with and engaged in what they do, and loyal customers. Now I can better help businesses that intend to thrive in our 'experience economy' move their visions of creating employee engagement into reality."

What struck Brandi about the course was Seligman's proactive use of psychology as a tool to increase happiness - not to decrease unhappiness, as it's traditionally been practiced. She says, "It was wonderful to discover that happiness doesn't just float in and out of our lives; it's actually a state of mind and body one can actively work toward that has physical and emotional benefits. Happiness can keep a person healthier - and living longer."

Brandi sees many applications of Seligman's approach to the workplace, especially now that there are tools to measure employee engagement, productivity and happiness. She explains, "Now that we can measure happiness and its growth - or lack of growth - over time, as well as assess strengths and pinpoint positive interventions, we can prove the value of teaching employees the skills they need to have more control of their happiness.

"I predict that those companies bold enough to embrace this new way of thinking will be setting a powerful, positive precedent for all those businesses that still force employees to leave their emotions at home. After all, a successful 'Customer Experience' is all about emotions. If customers feel good about the value you provided - if they are happy doing business with you - they are more likely to come back and buy again."

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