What Do You Think? New Forum Promises Full Expression of Your Opinion

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Youthinkwhat.com is a new forum on the Internet that encourages people to say what they think in a thoughtful dignified manner without prohibition.

Youthinkwhat.com is a new forum on the Internet to tell the world what you think. The creators encourage you to join the forum at youthinkwhat.com/what to give your point of view. Forum members are able to discuss news, current events, sports, politics, business, celebrities, fashion trends, nutrition and health from the individual’s point of view.

Henry Gandolph, the founder of the forum says, “We want to hear what real people think. We want the opinions and thoughts of real people, not the media. We want people to express their feelings, share their thoughts in a well-bred affable manner.”

Gandolph adds, “We live in an age where thoughtfulness is not encouraged. If it takes longer than a sound bite then it is too convoluted. We want real people, our members, to give consideration to what they are thinking and saying. We want to hear what real people think.”

Youthinkwhat.com’s new forum has been created to give everyone a safe place to discuss points of view. “Many of the forums devolve into abuse contests. We’re hoping to have our members present themselves and their points of view intelligently. We will endeavor to not censure or to squelch free expression. Our goal is to permit unrestricted civilized discourse on the subjects that matter most to our members ”, said Gandolph.

“So much of what we hear and think today is outside directed. We hear it on the radio, the TV, or read it in the news." Says Gandolph, "Then we repeat it as our own point of view. Then the media report us giving them their own reflection, telling them what they have told us. Everyone’s repeating the same things, with variations, over and over again.”

The publishers at youthinkwhat.com want to hear what you think want to hear about you. Gandolph also says, “Unless you are arrested, or you’re the victim of a catastrophe or a crime, you are never in the media news; you are never in the media reflection. It is never about you. It is always about what the president, his advisors, his opponents said and do. It is about the celebrities, their hangers on, and what they say and do. It is about world events, world leaders, but it is never about you, and it is never from your perspective. We want to give your world back to you. We want to give you a place where you can say what you think.”

Youthinkwhat.com a new forum offering you your chance to get across your point of view. Life does not only happen to the beautiful people, to the celebrities, presidents, kings and queens of power, life happens to us too. They want to hear from you. All your thoughts and opinions are wanted; they want to hear what you think.

Youthinkwhat.com features a weblog on the site where the publishers express (to get things rolling) their points of view, their opinions on any and every subject from current events, and politics, to health and nutrition, and business, to celebrity news, fashion trends and sports. The publishers of the forum encourage you to agree and disagree, to click on the forum link and express your opinions, too.

Everyone is encouraged to analyze and think about what is going on. It is your life too. What is it like to be you? What makes you different from everyone else? How does what is happening in the world affect you?

The members are supported in thinking for themselves to reach their own conclusions. Youthinkwhat.com wants to hear from everyone. Gandolph and company want to hear every diverse point of view. Gandolph says he particularly wants to hear those points of view that do not come from the media, that are not a regurgitation of what the media has to say, but are original and come from you.

The originators of youthinkwhat.com believe real people are wondering, and thinking about what is really going on. Gandolph, of youthinkwhat.com, does not believe people do not think, rather he believes our thinking goes unreported.

Visit youthinkwhat.com/what and tell the world what you really think.

Gandolph and the staff of youthinkwhat.com are working on making a dynamic and exciting forum with innovative features and novelties to increase members’ enjoyment. At youthinkwhat.com/what they want to hear from you. It’s the new place to express yourself.

Youthinkwhat.com: The place where people speak their mind. What do you think?


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