PodcastSPOTS Inserts the Worlds’ First Pay-Per-Click Audio Ad into Podcasts

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Yesterday, while most people were enjoying the fourth of July, a startup company near Orlando, quietly inserted the worldÂ?s first pay-per-click audio ad into a podcast.

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Orlando, FL It’s been an impressive week for podcasting. Just days after iTunes released its latest software version, which includes support for subscribing to podcasts (essentially putting podcasting on the map) another major milestone in podcasting has been reached.

Yesterday, while most people were enjoying the fourth of July, a startup company near Orlando, quietly inserted the world’s first pay-per-click audio ad into a podcast.

“We built a site that lets podcasters insert audio ads and podsafe music into their podcasts, and get paid on a per-click basis, per-insert basis, or a variety of other methods, and we made it super simple to use”, said Mark Kanter, co-founder of PodcastSPOTS.

Podcasting, a new phenomenon rapidly spreading across the Internet, is a marriage between iPods and broadcasting which can turn anyone with an internet connection and a microphone into an uncensored radio station. And that station is essentially pumped for free into the ears of tons of podcast listeners on a daily basis, using free subscription services, such as iPodder or iTunes. The services automatically download the latest shows to a subscriber’s computer and sync it to their iPod. The listener can then listen to the show on their iPod as they travel, or they can listen to it at their computer. You can find these services at http://iPodder.org and http://iTunes.com

“Podcasters want to play podsafe music to increase their listenership, but can’t afford to pay much, and musicians want to get paid for their music,” said Kanter. “We came up with a solution for both by bringing advertisers into the picture. We think advertisers would love to surround good niche music in niche podcasts, and pay on a per-click or other budgeted basis, and receive precise activity reports. And we think listeners won’t mind a few ads, especially if it dramatically increases the amount of good music they get to listen to for free.”

The PodcastSPOTS model lets a podcaster and musician share in the revenue from advertising. With PodcastSPOTS’ proprietary insertion system, ads surround artists’ songs when included in a podcast. Additionally, the site lets artists and podcasters work out other deals. For instance, a songwriter can earn money from commercial-free downloads of their songs and pay the podcaster that aired their song, all, some, or none of that revenue. Alternately, a podcaster could pay an artist for the right to play their song in their podcasts. There’s even a rating system that helps podcasters and listeners find the most-liked music.

“Our music base isn’t there yet. However, we are in talks with some key music industry people and expect something promising from that shortly.” said Kanter. “Until then, we expect that smart artists, looking for a great opportunity to be heard on thousands of podcast shows, will quickly take advantage of this new way to profit from their music.”

As more and more people tune in to their iPods and podcasts and tune out traditional radio stations, PodcastSPOTS could very well be the new model music labels turn to, to recoup the inevitable loss of traditional radio station royalties they currently receive.

PodcastSPOTS has a patent pending on their system and even though they are in beta, the system is available to the public. “We look fine in standard windows browsers and we are touching it up for Mac users, so expect some issues in the short term,” said Kanter.

Their first ad was inserted, coincidently in a podcast which PodcastSPOTS themselves produced. That show is called the “Ads On Pods Report”; sort of an AdWeek for podcasts. “We used Castblaster to make the show. It was very easy to use and gave us some really nice effects,” said Kanter, whose first advertiser of course, was PodcastSPOTS.com. The Ads On Pods report is online at http://AdsOnPods.com. Castblaster is available at http://castblaster.com/

Podcasters who want to earn revenue can insert ads by visiting PodcastSPOTS at http://podcastspots.com and downloading a free, filler utility. The utility comes with many insert options, including the length of ads or payment methods to allow and a positioning slider.

Well, now that there’s a convenient way to play podsafe music and earn revenue from podcasting, if you missed the 4th of July fireworks, don’t worry - the fireworks show for podcasting is just beginning.

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