CENTR responds to US government principles on Domain Name System management

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The Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries -- CENTR -- encourages the US Government to look at making root management as automatic, responsive and impartial as possible.

CENTR acknowledged today the statement by the United States Government on “Principles on the Internet’s Domain Name and Addressing System”.

CENTR concurs with the general consensus that modifications to authoritative data contained in the root zone have to date been exercised as a service to the community in a neutral and non-discriminatory manner.

At the same time, we encourage the U.S. to further explore, together with registry managers and other governments, the means by which the execution of these functions can be enhanced and decentralised using proven technology in order to optimise efficiency, accuracy of data, Internet stability and security.

This approach can contribute to depoliticise the role of the root, and empower the relevant local Internet registries and the respective local Internet communities (including governments) to exercise local supervision of their components in the root zone. This should minimise the need for any procedural intervention by other parties.

We endorse the USG’s statement that ICANN should continue to be the forum for cooperation for DNS issues as a service to the community, and that ICANN should focus on its core function and limited remit.

CENTR's membership comes from all parts of the developed and emerging worlds and we are active in many forums. Continued dialogue on management of the Internet is fundamental and productive. There are many misconceptions about DNS management within the community, and one of the main objectives of CENTR is to promote the use of the Internet through ensuring accessibility and stability, as well as sharing information relating to our areas of expertise.


Managing the root is simply a technical coordination function, and the role of "authorising changes" is there as a safeguard to ensure changes are acted upon in accordance with the established rules. The U.S. Government has proven trustworthy in this capacity. It is not essential who fulfils this verification role, as long as they act impartially and ensure that the authority for a ccTLD and its associated information rests with the relevant registry and related parties.


The Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries, CENTR, is the world’s largest Internet Domain Name association. The organisation counts more than 40 registries as members, which account for over 95% of domain name registrations conducted worldwide.

Established in 1998, CENTR is a not-for profit organisation dedicated to supporting industry best practice. Its regular meetings and forums are key venues for sharing knowledge and global coordination within the industry.

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