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This very useful article shows the user a powerful way of how they can instantly and effectively reduce and minimise the stress in their life. The author Gregory Antão first qualified as a Chartered Engineer, before becoming a professional therapist. He is a Licensed Practitioner of NLP, a Certified Hypnotherapist and a member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy. He studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming under its acclaimed co-founder Dr. Richard Bandler and was trained in hypnosis in the USA. Gregory uses his own particular form of combinational therapy, which he terms HypnosNLP™, at his UK practices in London’s Harley Street and in Weybridge, Surrey. He has appeared on the UK Living TV channel and on BBC radio interviews and “phone-ins” in relation to his hypnosis work. He has also written several articles on HypnosNLP, hypnosis, NLP and hypnotherapy for the internationally renowned Institute for Complementary Medicine (ICM) Online Journal and other national and international publications.

An important article and audio samples from the audio program "Mind Massage - Soothing Away That Stress" can be obtained as free downloads from the HypnosisNLP™ Web site (http://www.HypnosNLP.org.uk). The article is of particular value to sufferers and victims of acute or chronic stress. It illustrates how life quality can be vastly improved by employing some fairly straightforward and simple mental strategies and “Mind Tools” to overcome stress in your life.

The article ranges across the following areas:

  • The use of some very effective "mind tools" based upon modern psychological techniques, to deal with stress, ‘anger management’ and negative mental or emotional states. These may be applied very effectively indeed, in improving the mental and even the physiological states of sufferers of chronic or acute lifestyle induced stress.
  • Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) are two such, highly effective Mind Technologies - which are used synergistically and this combination is termed HypnosNLP. Descriptions of how these and other allied techniques can be used to improve the ‘Life Quality’ of stress victims are discussed.

More importantly, Gregory has incorporated these technologies into a powerful audio program, “Mind Massage – Soothing Away That Stress”. This can be used to set up a powerful “Mind Tool” trigger or anchor, which can be activated to instantly reduce ambient stress and to induce a state of relative relaxation on demand, at any time or place, and in almost any given situation.

Details of how samples of the audio program can be heard and downloaded free are also given at: http://www.HypnosNLP.org.uk/StressDown/

Gregory Antão a UK based Hypnotherapist and Licensed NLP Practitioner has written an article on how some cutting edge Mind Technologies can be used very effectively to reduce the amplitude of elevated personal stress levels and to the enhance the life quality of victims and sufferers of acute, chronic or long-term stress.

Today stress is generally accepted as being a part of the reality of modern life. Everyone right across the board, from high powered business executives, educators, lawyers, law enforcers, doctors, white and blue collar workers, homemakers and even students and school kids can be affected by this modern malaise. In fact this epidemic of stress can contribute to the onset of many emotional and physiological problems. These can range from mild depression at the lower end of the scale to even life threatening cancers at the other extremity of the stress scale.

The article also ranges across the following aspects of elevated lifestyle stress:

1) The most prevalent causative factors of lifestyle induced stress and some suggestions for nullifying their effects.

2) The link between the effects of stress, such as the release of stress hormones such as Cortisol and the adverse physiological changes, such as Type 2 Diabetes, that elevated ambient levels of this hormone can provoke.

3) How elevated stress and the related emotional states of depression can adversely affect immune efficacy.

4) Some successful, alternative mind therapies, such ‘Meditation’, ‘Visualization’, Breathing and Relaxation techniques that can be used to assist stress sufferers to good effect.

5) Contemporary techniques such as Suggestion, Hypnosis, NLP and the combinational form of this therapy, Gregory Antão’s own highly effective synergistic method of HypnosNLP.

The article also goes on to illustrate how some wonderfully encouraging results can be obtained using a powerful audio program, “Mind Massage – Soothing Away That Stress” developed by Gregory. The program uses some very powerful synergistic effects using both Hypnosis and NLP, as well as “MindStealth™” subliminal suggestions and the special “FFR MindBeat™” to induce states of deep relaxation. This is also used to set up a powerful “Mind Tool” trigger or anchor, which can be activated on demand, to instantly reduce ambient stress and to induce a state of relative relaxation, at any time or place, and in almost any given situation. Samples of this highly effective “stress busting” audio program, with a background of some hauntingly beautiful music, can also be accessed or downloaded from within the article also. The article may be accessed at the following URL:

http://www. HypnosNLP.org.uk

HypnosNLP techniques have also been used to really great effect in treating disorders such as phobias and fears such as “Fear of Flying” –- in just one or two sessions; stress based problems; self-confidence and self image deficits; addictions, smoking cessation – in just a single cessation session; weight control; sexual dysfunction, sports and performance enhancement and a wide range of other conditions. Articles on HypnosNLP and allied subjects can be can be accessed or downloaded at http://www.HypnosNLP.co.uk

Gregory Antão practices in London and in Weybridge, Surrey. He is available to see clients for private consultations in London (Harley Street and Violet Hill Studios) as well as at the Maple Leaf Clinic in Weybridge, Surrey. For more information, call him at (+44) 0870 1997834, visit his website: http://www.HypnosNLP.co.uk

Useful Links:

1. The free article and audio samples can be accessed at http://www.HypnosNLP.org.uk/StressDown/

2. Gregory Antão's other articles can be accessed at http://www.HypnosNLP.co.uk

3. The Institute for Complementary Medicine Online Journal - March 2005 edition: URL http://www.i-c-m.org.uk/journal/2005/mar/a02.htm

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