Taoists Reveal Secrets of a Blissful Summer with Spiritual Retreats and Tai Chi Camps Across England.

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Kris Deva North Workshops in Zen Meditation, Taoist practices, Tai Chi and Chi Kung are running throughout the summer at different locations.

Kris Deva North Workshops in Zen Meditation, Taoist practices, Tai Chi and Chi Kung will run throughout the summer at different locations, from the heart of the city to the depths of rural England.

Kris, who trained in the Taoist Arts with the Master Mantak Chia and in NLP with Paul McKenna, has practiced Healing meditation for over 30 years. In 1993 he co-founded the Zen School of Shiatsu and Healing Tao Centre in London.

“So many people have found increased confidence, motivation, energy, habit-control, how to manage stress,” says Kris “and although I may not know each individual’s problem or situation I do know we all have the resources to cope. Through these practices I can help you connect with deep levels of consciousness to access those resources.”

London July 9th/10th, a Tai Chi Intensive Weekend with Matt Lewis at the London Tao Centre 19/21 Phipp Street EC2, £117, based on the Mantak Chia form and the Hidden Masters structures. Tai Chi can be practised at any age, for health, to enhance your protective energy-field, to strengthen the physical and energetic immune system, to connect with higher and lower forces on the spiritual path, for self-defence, or simply to harmonize with the environment and alleviate the effects of stress.

More information: http://www.healing-tao.co.uk/ht_taichi.htm

Lincolnshire, July 16th/17th, a weekend of Zazendo with Kris Deva North: Zen Insight Meditation combining the Zen tradition, Vipassana experience and Taoist teachings with NLP: powerful techniques for attaining the elusive inner peace and harmony which, in the real world, could mean habit management and addiction control.

At the Rosewell Centre, Holywell Road, Castel Bytham, NG33 4SL, just off the A1 between Stamford and Grantham. £57 including board and lodging.

More information: http://www.learn-shiatsu.co.uk/zazendo.htm

Also at the Rosewell Centre from July 19th to 24th a 5-day TAI CHI CAMP with self-defence, weapons forms and daily chi kung based on the Mantak Chia form and the Hidden Masters structures. Training and demonstrations (standard form, fast form, weapons forms, push-hands, self-defence, blindfold fighting) with Kris Deva North and Initiates of Tao of the Shaman. £97 for the week, or £30 day-visit.

More information: http://www.healing-tao.co.uk/Tai_Chi_training.htm

London July 30th & 31st Journey of a Thousand Miles with Kris Deva North introducing Step 1 of that journey which leads so many people to become even more effective human beings.

Step 1 Foundations Weekend is an ideal introduction for both women and men, singles and couples, young and old.

At the London Tao Centre 19 Phipp Street, London EC2, £197. 10am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday. £197.

More information: http://www.healing-tao.co.uk/ht_foundation.htm

Devon on the edge of beautiful Dartmoor, the Healing Tao Summer Retreat from 13th to 21st August. Steps 2 and 3 on the Journey.

Step 2: Managing your love-life – this is not a couples workshop although couples are welcome, working as individuals. Learning how to circulate the generative forces from the genital organs to the higher energy centres invigorates and rejuvenates all the vital functions, improves health, and slows depletion of the genetic energy-bank, or “Ancestral Qi.” Men and women report more satisfying relationships as a result of doing the practices and feeling more energy.

13th & 14th August, £197 at Yelverton, Devon. Booking through Healing Tao UK. Step 1 is pre-requisite

More information: http://www.healing-tao.co.uk/ht_healinglove.htm

Step 3: Thinking of a retreat as a real treat, this must be the closest to heaven on earth with silent meditation and sauna, tai chi and jacuzzi, chi kung (qigong) and swimming pool, fantastic food and walks on the moor.

Internal space-clearing, like feng-shui for humans, gives internal clarity and external protection. Such pre-Taoist shamanic practices include intense self-healing experiences and an immediate increase in awareness and focus.

Many people on this summer retreat have found self-discovery through silence, and how to let go embedded conditioning, harmonising with Nature in a beautiful countryside setting, feeling the healing power of Earth, and the resources to cope with the residual effects of past baggage.

The Retreat is guided with love and care, allowing space for discussion, regeneration, relaxation and multicultural celebration reflecting the diversity of the Tao, with QiGong and Tai Chi; Sweat-lodge, dancing and singing bhajans; swimming-pool, sauna, jacuzzi; walks on the moor, sunrises and sunsets; ritual and ceremony.

14th-21st August, £789, at Yelverton, Devon. Booking through Healing Tao UK. Step 2 is pre-requisite

More information: http://www.healing-tao.co.uk/ht_kan&li.htm


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