Making The Leap From Entrepreneur To Infopreneur

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Glenn Dietzel, author and infopreneur guru, explains how entrepreneurs can dominate their market and make profits as infopreneurs

Entrepreneurs today are looking for faster, better, and lower overhead ways to create new revenue and many are discovering that traditional product manufacturing and selling is no longer valid. Entrepreneurs are often static and confined to one location and series of products.

Infopreneurs create advantage wherever they are and readily identify new audiences hungry for information. The new glut of information that overwhelms all of us has created an opportunity to work where you want, when you want and make as much as you want. Glenn Dietzel, bestselling author and founder of Awakened, LLC (, reveals three crucial strategies that can allow every entrepreneur to quickly evolve into a well-positioned infopreneur. These strategies include concepts of contextualizing information, building credibility, and networking profitably.

Infopreneurs are paid to solve people’s problems. The main reason people come to the internet is to find useful information that can help solve personal or professional problems. In fact, according to a recent report, almost 50% of what was purchased on the Internet in 2004 was purchased because it was the only place where consumers could actually obtain the material. And the trend of delivering information products digitally is on the rise, with more than 8 billion in sales expected by 2007 according to Forrester Research.

Infopreneurs help people save time, energy and money by selling access to exclusive information, thereby adding value to the marketplace. The first strategy entrepreneurs must implement, to distinguish themselves as infopreneurs, is to contextualize information. Contextualizing simply means deciphering all pertinent information in order to address clients’ specific needs while backing it up with experiences, skills and knowledge that will help clients solve their questions or problems.

“As a business owner and infopreneur in the 21st Century, you are paid not just to deliver content but to deliver contextualized content. You are financially rewarded when you contextualize your knowledge and incorporate your own experience then bring it to bear to solve your client’s problems,” states Glenn Dietzel, President of Awakened, LLC. “Quite simply, the more effective you are at meeting your customers’ needs by providing meaningful solutions, the more valuable you and your information will become.”

The products that infopreneurs sell can be presented in various forms: books, articles, e-books, software, CDs, or videos. There is no limit to the type of information you can sell, but it is critical to build your credibility in order to sell them effectively. Therefore, Dietzel points out, the second most important strategy, which is to build credibility by positioning yourself as an expert in your respective field.

One way to build credibility quickly, and position yourself as an expert, is to set up a blog. When delivering valuable content to the Internet world, a blog, or weblog, is a powerful tool. A blog is an online journal that is updated, regularly, providing highly relevant content for readers and search engines. Because the information is current and relevant, search engines rank blog posts high in their organic search results, a tremendous benefit for any infopreneur. To capitalize on the search engines’ main ranking criteria, infopreneurs must use targeted key words or phrases within the text of their blogs.

“The elements of interactivity and collaboration are significant in your blog, especially for customer relations, communication and promotion of your business,” states Dietzel. “The information that you create on a frequent basis, as well as the feedback or comments you get from others, will help build your credibility. It positions you as the expert that people turn to in order to get the advice they are seeking. Blogging can also help build the foundation of your next bestselling e-Book as it is a great way to brainstorm.”

Another major step infopreneurs must incorporate within their business strategy is networking. Throughout the years, networking has always been one of the most valued methods to expand any business, and for obvious reasons. It builds effective relationships faster than any other type of marketing. One way to create rapport with your clients, besides attending seminars or trade shows, is to simply set up an email auto responder. More specifically, auto responders are used to develop relationships with your clients by following up on business transactions or inquiries while sending new or additional information about your services or products on a regularly scheduled basis.

“Infopreneurs must use this strategy to their advantage because networking helps you leverage future business while maintaining your credibility and boosting future profits,” says Dietzel. “The more visible you are in your industry, the easier it is to establish mutually beneficial relationships with potential clients, existing clients or fellow infopreneurs.”

By following these three crucial steps, entrepreneurs can strategically position themselves as infopreneurs, creating a higher demand for their products or services. For detailed information regarding these strategies, please visit Glenn Dietzel’s website (    

Glenn Dietzel, a former Vice Principal with Two Post-Graduate Degrees, replaced his income and his wife's income with a proven, breakthrough system he created. He now teaches his clients how to replicate his proprietary program. Glenn is founder and President of Awakened, LLC ( Glenn also provides keynotes, seminars, workshops, teleseminars, and bookcamps(TM), as well as being known as an international speaker. In addition, he also consults entrepreneurs and business owners on how to successfully create a digital product and then build an online business that produces consistent, multiple streams of income. For additional information about Awaken The Author Within or in regards to Glenn Dietzel please email or call # 519-542-3043. Or contact Caitlin Stellflug, publicist, by emailing or calling #208-323-2653.


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