Marc & Elaine Zicree Launch to Help New Screenwriters Break In to Hollywood

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Marc & Elaine Zicree, who have written and sold more than 100 scripts ranging from Star Trek and Babylon 5 to Sliders, have launched to help new screenwriters sell their screenplays even when they don't have agents or managers. Past students include Alan Watt, Steven-Elliot Altman, Mike Olifiers and Vince Green.

There's no doubt that selling a screenplay can be as difficult as writing it. In fact, if you follow the "common wisdom" about how to sell a screenplay, you'll find it practically impossible.

New screenwriters are so often told to find an agent first. These days, agents willing to take on new screenwriters are usually harder to find than producers willing to produce a great script by a strong new writer. Even if a screenwriter has an agent, they may find script sales and options continue to elude them. Many of today's most profitable film projects, including all five candidates for the last Academy Awards, start in the independent film industry which most agents know little about.

"Find an agent first" is just one piece of bad advice new writers hear all the time. Other rules like "Never call a producer" or "Deliver the same 30 second pitch to everyone" are just as dangerous. In order to understand when and how these rules must be broken, you must understand the mechanics of the entertainment industry and its underlying community.

Marc and Elaine Zicree have written and sold more than 100 scripts ranging from Star Trek and Babylon 5 to Sliders. They are currently in development on two feature films, including one based on Marc Zicree's bestselling Magic Time trilogy. Marc and Elaine Zicree have worked with virtually every major network and studio, and have mentored hundreds of successful screenwriters. The Hamptons Round Table they founded more than a decade ago networks hundreds of Hollywood insiders. Marc and Elaine Zicree know exactly what works and what doesn't when it comes to getting screenplays optioned, sold and produced.

Through, the Zicree's have a variety of training solutions designed to help new screenwriters break in to Hollywood.

If you are new to screenwriting, or seem to be unable to get your agented or unagented script optioned, take the short course called "How to Sell Your Screenplay". In this 2.5 hour class you learn how to sell scripts in the straight-forward, fast, professional way that works for the pros.

You learn how to:

  • Identify exactly who you should pitch a given script to, and why.
  • Cold call and otherwise contact producers, directors and actors (without making enemies for life).
  • Sidestep gatekeepers and protocols that keep you away from decision makers the way pros do.
  • Make sales for scripts even if you have an ineffective agent (or no agent at all).
  • Connect to the people you pitch to and get them to listen to your pitch carefully.
  • Close the sale for a script at the best possible price, and use that first sale to make selling the second and third scripts much easier.

Writers seeking more in-depth and more personalized instruction should sign up for the Supermentors Six Week Intensive. This class meets six times for three hours per session. In this class you decide exactly who to contact, how to contact them. Then you actually make the calls, set up and attend the meetings. Students who have taken this class have seen remarkable results.

Steven-Elliot Altman, writer of the hot new Columbia-Tristar/TNT pilot and Times best-selling novel "Deprivers," comments, "When Marc and Elaine took me under their wing, I was green, fresh from New York and without a single Industry contact. With their guidance, I pitched my unsold novel as a TV and movie project twenty-three times in five days -- ending up with NINE offers from major companies and the heat that sold the novel. Now I'm in pre-production on the two-hour pilot of the novel and attached as both writer and producer. Regardless of the level you're currently at in the Hollywood circuit, I highly recommend coaching from Marc and Elaine.

If you need solid, practical, effective instruction from working script writers, visit Look there to find information on short courses, workshops and DVD's that will help you jump start your career.


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